Beaver stops traffic, drags supplies across the road

A lot of human beings can learn from the work ethi

Youngster Excited about 55 -Pound Beaver [VIDEO]

It’s always awesome seeing kids getting invo

Beaver Attacks Car [VIDEO]

Do not underestimate a beaver…..

Beaver leads 150 cows accidentally [VIDEO]

If you have ever been around cows, then you know t

Wolf vs. Beaver [VIDEO]

You just never know when you will run into a wolf.

Beaver Tests Positive for Rabies after Attacking Kayaker

Another reason to not try to pet wildlife you see

Trapper Chick Shows How To Use Dive Poles To Trap Otter and Beaver [VID]

Dive Poles are Great For Making Otter and Beaver D

Wildlife is wild–you can help prevent your own injury or death

You may have seen those photos and articles about

Have You Ever Seen a Beaver Herd? [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a beaver herd?  No, not a herd

Hunting without Tagging…Again…But, It’s OK!

Okay, so at some point, I’m sure people are

Weekend Success for This MORS Crew Member!

The second weekend of Montana’s general rifl

Parachuting Beavers? Yes!

Apparently, Idaho Fish and Game mislabeled and mis

Don’t Mess with Beavers!

As with all wildlife, these animals are WILD and,

Trapping Season Opener Success!

With Montana’s general rifle season underwa

Furbearer Trapping Season Open as of November 1

The furbearer trapping season is open in Montana a

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