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In 2016 around this time, the Captain was talking

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Last year, in 2017, at this time, the Captain was

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Around this time three years ago, the Captain was

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About two years ago at this time, the Captain wrot

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see w

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Five years ago, just about a week before the date

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The Captain wrote a column on January 5th of 2012,

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Every year the Captain did the Captain’s Col

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Last year, on the brink of the 2016 antelope seaso

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Let’s reflect back to around this time three

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Archery season is leading into rifle season here t

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How different was the Captain’s third week i

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Around this time back in 2014…the Captain wa

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Four years ago, around this time, Bruce Stell was

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If you’re excited about archery season openi

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Back on August 15, 2013, the Captain reported that

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In this week’s THE BEST OF the Captain’

Best of The Captain’s Column! 7-5.17

It’s always interesting to compare weather,

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