Bighorn sheep

bighorn sheep


26 sheep translocated from Flathead Lake’s 

Bighorn sheep season to close in HD 501

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

RAMbunctious ram attack! [VIDEO]

Just because you’re in your vehicle doesn

FWP Harvest and Reporting Update

With the ongoing need to follow social distancing

Hunt of Lifetime: Bighorn Sheep DOWN!

Frankie Siroky is in his 80s and is a follower of

All Bighorn Sheep Hunting To Close In Hunting District 303

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

Pope And Young Club Names New World Record, South Dakota Bighorn Sheep

On Thursday, January 24th, the Pope and Young Club

Missouri River Breaks Ram!

Dale Gramm from Missoula had been putting in for a

Very Nice Ram Taken by MT Hunter!

Mike Benson took a really nice ram near Thompson F

Bighorn sheep season to close in HDs 500 and 501

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

MT Bighorn Sheep Down!

Jeff Eubanks (pictured on the right) and Brian M

Record-tying bighorn sheep (by Brett French)

Montana State University student Justin Sheedy had

Finding The Perfect Rifle For A Once In A Lifetime Hunt

My mathematically inclined friends laugh when they

Monday Last Day For Sheep, Goat, Moose and Bison Applications

It’s time to wrap up planning your dream hun

REMINDER: Applications Due May 1st!

REMINDER!! May 1 is the deadline to apply for Mont

DNA Shows Bighorn Sheep Changed Little in Last 3,500 Years

Genetic analysis comparing ancient bighorn sheep t

Bighorn sheep transplants may be spreading pathogens (by Brett French)

Bighorn sheep have had a hard time in many areas o

Bighorn Sheep Transplant Boosts Plains Herd

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks have transplanted

FWP Proposes New Bighorn Hunting District

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has proposed a ne

Cameron and his Sheep

Cameron Moline from Lewistown is pictured above wi