Black Bear

Uninvited guest shows up to proposal

Bears pretty much do what they want when they want

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Excellent work for Bryton Guttenberg! Here is a po

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When your little one wants to hug the live teddy b

First bear down for this huntress–and it’s a beauty!

Way to go, Kylee on your first tagged bear!   He

Man vs. Bear [VIDEO]

You have to sometimes fight for what is yours̷

Circus bears in the wild?

This is interesting.  Has anything similar to thi

Hunter has close encounter with a bear

Okay, for whatever reason, this video is circulati

Black Bear down!

Richard Demler lives in Michigan, but he has been

Montana Bear Down!

You may have seen Jackie Weidow’s very first

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Remember, out-of-state folks….just because t

Fall archery only black bear season to close in BMU 520

By order of the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commissi

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Bears are crafty.  They are smart and know how to

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Drought could harm berry crop and keep bears comin

Black Bear Pizza

We know of several hunters that have tagged their

Bear encounter with other bears turns deadly

Wildlife is unpredictable sometimes, and it isn


The hunting of all black bears in the Bear Managem

Shot Placement Tips on Black Bears

For those getting after black bears this spring, h

Black Bear Pizza

If you found success this spring and tagged a bear

Bear Harvest Reporting Options

Hunter, The phone system used by the harvest repor

Watch People’s Reactions to eating Smoked Black Bear Ribs and Heart

There are more ways to eat bear meat than turning

Black bear coming out of hibernation [VIDEO]

The bears may start coming out of hibernation with

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