You’re doing it wrong

Have you ever watched wildlife and thought….

Nature is Brutal [VIDEO]

What is the craziest position you have ever found

Stuck Bucks Get Unstuck [VID]

This isn’t something everybody has seen before i

What was up with all those ‘velvet’ mule deer bucks this year?

The reason may be due to a widespread EHD outbreak

Why? Because piebalds are cool…. [VIDEO]

It is one thing to see bucks going head to head, b

Husband-Wife Date Night

Josh and Kari Parrow of Havre, MT decided to have

When Ted Nugent Unlocked Bucks with a Pistol Shot [VIDEO]

Ted Nugent took action when he was confronted with

Man frees locked bucks with chainsaw [VIDEO]

We recently came across a video clip from last yea

WOW! Buck sheds both antlers at the same time! [VIDEO]

This is some old footage, but how cool is it to ac

Montana Buck Fight [VIDEO]

Here’s some pretty cool game camera footage

A Montana Buck Fight [VIDEO]

It’s Friday. .. so check out this Montana bu

BEST BUCKS!!! (by Montana Grant)

“BEST” is relevant to each hunter. All hunters

Broadus Ranchers Help Detangle Rutting Bucks

Ranchers near Broadus helped detangle two rutting

Buck Rut Fight! It’s a Good One! [VIDEO]

In the spirit of the rut, here is one heck of a fi

Whitey vs. Muley…sort of [VIDEO]

Whitetail and muleys are quite different, but Mont

Farmer Frees Two Stags Stuck in Wire Fence

Check out this crazy video of two farmer helping o

Mounts Held Hostage on Railroad Tracks

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Geor

Montana Hi-Line Bucks!

Kevin Hellegaard from Havre was hunting in a secre

His and Her Bucks!

Josh Stewart describes his deer hunt with his girl

Cops use Taser to Unlock Buck’s Antlers

We are sure that some people have seen a couple of

Father Daughter Score – Double Buck Down

Scott Cole and his daughter Natalia 19,  with a c

Farmer Unlocks Bucks with Saw

A couple of bucks ended up locking antlers a coupl

Two Bucks Fight to the Finish in Helena [VIDEO]

Two bucks “fought to the finish” on Th

Stuck Bucks-What Would You Do?

It seems more and more locked bucks and bulls are

Very Unique Lunch Dates, INDEED!

What kind of lunch dates do YOU have? Probably non

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