Sturgeon can get so big [video]

We have shared some videos and photos reminding pe

Fishing Guide Catches 10-Foot Long Sturgeon in British Columbia River

If you forgot how big sturgeon, aka dinosaur fish,

Bizarre first descent for two skiers

Woooow.  This may look fun to some and super inti

BC Angler Releases Potential World Record Chinook Salmon

Flylords is a magazine/website that focuses on fly

Grizzly Bear goes after kayaker [VIDEO]

Yikes! This happened a few years ago in Canada, bu

Grizzly bear charges man in yard [VIDEO]

Back in 2018, the New York Post put up this video

Montana Outdoor Crew talks with Canada Outdoor Show to Sell Montana

Tune in Saturday morning as The Captain and his ch

Wolf Vs. Man

A story like this doesn’t even need an intro

Snomobile Rider Gets Caught in Avalanche [VID]

Snowmobilers enjoy riding in the high country but

Wolf vs. Moose — Who Wins?

Here’s some footage captured in Ontario by a

4,470 Muskrat Hats WANTED in Canada

If you’re looking for some good reading and

Angler Ate Record-Breaker Fish Without Knowing It

Here’s a lesson on the importance of knowing

Have You Ever Seen a Beaver Herd? [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a beaver herd?  No, not a herd

Wolves Race Woman on her Way to Work [VIDEO]

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Wolf Hunter in Canada Gets a Twofer [VIDEO]

This is something not many people will ever see or

Homemade Island Living

Catherine King and Wayne Adams call this floating

Drunk Canadian Moose Rider is Now Facing a Series of Serious Charges

After posting the viral video below, these Canadia

Face to Face with a Mountain Lion

Some may think that this guy should have gotten on

Drunk Canadian Rides Moose

You know you have had a bit too much to drink when

Siamese Pike? Yep, really…or Not?

Mike Lockhart recently posted a picture of a pike

If You Saw a Lynx at the Post Office–What Would You Do?

A woman found this lynx hanging out near the Terr

Moose Charges While Group of Hikers Can Only Watch

Picture this…you’re hiking in the moun

Trapping Wolves–Behind the Scenes Information

Have you ever wondered how the really good trapper

Wolves Eat Buck Alive [VIDEO]

Here is some footage of wolves in action in Albert

The Rut Is On: Check Out These Bull Moose Going at It! [video]

A hiker in Canada was on her way to hike Mt. Fortr

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