When people are surprised at how good carp tastes

If you’ve eaten carp before and liked it, th

Bowfishing for Carp [VIDEO]

If you have not been bowfishing for carp in Montan

Conoe, Camping, Carp Shooting in Montana [VIDEO]

Here’s another reason to love Montana!  Got

Catching/Bowfishing Carp at Canyon Ferry? Would you try this?

Some love carp, some won’t even try it.  Wh

Canyon Ferry Bowfishing – June 2018

The water was cold, and so was the air as we began

Carp Dumplings? Yep!

Many bowfishermen are excited about the upcoming C

2018 Carp Safari Registration OPEN

Here it is — them moment many sportsmen have

Crazy Carp

Think back out of all of the carp you have ever fo

Carp Herpes? Yes, Really…It Could be a Thing

A researcher is doing his part in helping to get r

Canyon Ferry Carp Safari Registration OPEN!

It’s that time of year again!  The Canyon F

Slovakians Christmas Dinner Starts in the Bathtub!

Bathtub carp is one of several traditions tied to

Slingshot Fishing for Silver Carp

This video shows that you don’t have to choo

Five Tips for Bowfishing at Canyon Ferry Reservoir

1.  Don’t count on the weather reports to b

2015 Canyon Ferry Carp Safari!

The Montana Bowhunters Association will host the 1

Bowfishing from a Blind….Under Water!

What is not to love about bowfishing?  Okay, that

Here’s A Different Method of Carp Slaying to Try…

Asian carp are, obviously, non-native to US water

Carp Can Always Make Anglers Laugh

We have all seen footage of carp practically throw

Memorial Day Monster: A Fishing Story

We recently received quite a fishing story from

Monster Buffalo Carp Reeled Into Little Boat

The Canyon Ferry Carp Safari is scheduled for Satu

Best Birthday Present Ever–Angler Catches Pending World Record Carp

According to a recent post on, Kei

Cause of Dead Carp Remains a Mystery

State fisheries officials remain puzzled as to the

FWP Response on Dead Carp at Holter Reservoir

This is a response from Eric Roberts from FWP on t

FWP Investigates Dead Carp in Holter

Fish, Wildlife and Parks is investigating the deat

“CARP COMMANDER!!!” by Montana Grant

“Who ya gonna call? CARPBUSTERS!” Carp are kin

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