catch and release

Fishing Guide Catches 10-Foot Long Sturgeon in British Columbia River

If you forgot how big sturgeon, aka dinosaur fish,

Downrigger Dale catch and release

Downrigger Dale is shown here for a few seconds, i

Catch and Release

Here’s a video clip to watch that MTFWP post

Pulling walleye through the ice at Fort Peck! [VIDEO]

Scott Collinsworth caught and released a nice wall

Catch and Release Closure!

Just when you think you are doomed to live without

Carrie Catch and Release on the 4th!

It was a Independence Day Catch and Release for Ca

Don’t Forget: Keep Them Wet!

FWP Highlights Catch and Release Fishing Technique

To Keep or Release, That is the Question

Whether you are an avid fly fisherman, a bait fish

Catchin the Big Walleye at Canyon Ferry!

Check out this 31″, 12lb 1oz walleye that

Pike Interferes with Angler’s Catch and Release…

This angler’s catch and release was interrup

Another Awesome Catch for Jim Johnson at Fort Peck!

Another walleye caught and released by the Captain

Paddlefish Season Opens on Catch and Release Day

Miles City—Paddlefish season begins May 15 on

“Let Her Go” — A Catch and Release Ice Fishing Adventure

Ice anglers everywhere live for ice fishing season

“Do Your Part” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle

With the new proposed fishing regulations for the

How Do YOU Define “Big”?

(photo courtesy of   If you,