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Special Christmas Rewind from Colonel Smoothbore

Merry Christmas from MORS!   Enjoy this article

Tighten Up and Lighten Up by Colonel Smoothbore

Montana’s general big game season is rapidly app

RECAP: Waterfowl Ammunition with Colonel Smoothbore

With the Montana waterfowl season set to open on S

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Let’s recap with Colonel Smoothbore from 201

RECAP with Colonel Smoothbore: Hunting the Great Beasts of the World

Colonel Smoothbore posted an article back in 2012

RECAP: The “Perfect Shot” with Colonel Smoothbore

Back in late August of 2016, Colonel Smoothbore ha

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In a time of strangeness and discomfort in the wor

RECAP: You Can Clean This One! (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Back in March of 2017, Colonel Smoothbore gave us

RECAP: A Montana Gem with Colonel Smoothbore

Montana is rich in natural resources; gold, silver

Happy 4th (with Colonel Smoothbore)

It is Independence Day weekend; I wish all fun and

Happy birthday to U.S. (RECAP) with Colonel Smoothbore

Recapping a post on the Independence Day with Colo

Never Too Early (with Colonel Smoothbore)

For me it seems like 2020 has passed like a speedi

We The People (with Colonel Smoothbore)

The 2020 Montana primary election is over; for a w

2nd Amendment Chat with Colonel Smoothbore

This is always an important topic! Here’s a

“Fun and Sober Remembrance” with Colonel Smoothbore

Here’s a throwback from 2018 with Colonel Sm

Turning Money Into Noise (by Colonel Smoothbore)

Memorial weekend is just one week away and I’m s

Colonel Smoothbore REWIND: Double Trap

In case you didn’t realize this, Colonel Smo

Disturbing (by Colonel Smootbhore)

Please study the above photograph carefully and ke

Solace (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Easter Sunday has passed, but there are other rite

Some Thoughts on New Guns (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Suddenly we all have been tossed into uncertain ti

Small Package – Good Thing? (with Colonel Smoothbore)

The 5.7×28 mm cartridge was developed by Fabr

Interesting New Items (with Colonel Smoothbore)

I’ve been rummaging around the SHOT Show press a

These Numbers Don’t Lie (with Colonel Smoothbore)

I’ve spent some time looking at the 2018 FBI sta

More New News (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Savage® Firearms has long been know as a manufact

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