Relocating a Mountain Lion from Under a Porch

When you think you hear raccoons or cats under you

Fly Fisherman Floats on Ice while Fishing

Well, this is one dedicated fly fisherman! Check o

Lock up your cars in bear country

A couple of years ago, the Boulder County Sheriff&

Elk plays on trampoline [VIDEO]

Don’t think kids (and adults) are the only o

Bull moose attacks parked car [VIDEO]

This bull moose did not like this car being here.

Super Long Lift Line at Ski Resort [VIDEO]

Holy moly, that is a lift line there in Vail, Colo

Elk at the Door [VIDEO]

If this footage is real, what do you think it is l

Colorado Man Receives Lifetime Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Ban

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you think Mon

Colorado Hunter Claims He Was Sexually Assaulted by Sasquatch

Just when you think you have heard it all, this ar

A Bunch of Bull…s [VIDEO]

If you’re wondering where all the bulls you

Battling Bucks in the Front Yard

The rut is still on in Colorado!  Check out this

Combat Veteran, Meat Hunter Harvests One of the Largest Deer Ever Taken

You have another thing coming if you think you hav

Snakes on a Plane? NO! It’s Elk on a Trampoline!

So, here is some footage from Evergreen, Colorado

Mousing for Trout

If you like fishing, you will love this video by J

Colorado Cop Found Guilty in Boulder Elk Killing Case

In early 2013, we reported on a very strange case

Santa Has His Reindeer – Prairie Dog O’Byrne Has His Elk

“O what fun it is to ride in a 2 elk open sl

Elk Rut at its finest! — Estes Park, CO 2009

[youtube id=”cOaJ-wbMoRM” width=”