cow elk

Elk herd surrounds hunter undetected [VIDEO]

Has this ever happened to you? Chris Burandt of Co

Montana Archery Elk Down!

Cameron Moline found elk hunting success this arch

Cow Elk Bugle [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard a cow elk bugle?

Why Shoot a Cow over a Young Bull?

Hunting is our primary form of wildlife management

Successful Montana Elk Hunt! [VIDEO]

David Clahan, while hunting with Stockton Outfitte

Anaconda Poaching Case

Here’s a poaching case reported by KULR 8 Ne

The Cow tag that turned into a New Years Resolution! (by the Captain)

Last year after putting on a few miles walking as

2017-18 Elk Shoulder Season Information by FWP

Elk hunters will have opportunities to fill their

699 Tag Shoulder Season Success!

Cory Baisch and Eric Renzfold, from Sidney, along

Never Imagined: Captain’s Column (12.15.16)

It is the middle of December and I never imagined

Kamas Romney Got His First Elk!

Young Kamas Romney, from Huson, shot his first elk

2016 Winter Elk Shoulder Season Facts

Key points for hunters to remember: • Season tim

Big Game Season Closing Soon, Elk Shoulder Season About to Begin

If you haven’t already filled your freezer w

Bitterroot Youngster Bags First Elk–A Piebald!

Lance Jones, of Stevensville, and 14 year-old Chr

Huge Snow Levels Driving Wildlife Into Residential Areas

Here in Montana it has been a fairly steady snow y

Coordinators for Shoulder Season Elk Hunters Take Christmas Holiday Off

The state hunting coordinators in White Sulfur Spr

Youth Hunter Maddie Spear Shoots Elk!

Maddie Spear bagged this elk over by Gardiner, Mon

Long Range Elk Hunting Success!

A husband and wife from Kalispell not only went a

Information Sought in Larb Hills Elk Poaching

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking info

Youth Hunter Takes Down Elk with Nice Shot

13 year old Maddie Spear made a nice shot on this

Montana Elk Hunter Finds Success!

Congratulations to Berny Croy, of Missoula, who di

Ooh, Sweet Smell of Success!

Paul Lindsoe, of Headwaters Seat Covers, was out w

Two Cow Elk Poached Northeast of Winnett

State game wardens are seeking information regardi