When a deer doesn’t want to be touched…

Overall, while deer are generally quiet animals, t

Battling Bucks

We hope you had a good season this year! Take a lo

You’re doing it wrong

Have you ever watched wildlife and thought….


A message from the Captain: The Montana deer and e

Anglers witness bear killing deer

Dustin Tolley and Adam Buckles, from Tennessee, we

Anthrax and Wildlife in Montana

Did you know that anthrax, although rare, is a pot

The buck that didn’t make it…

Nature can be brutal.   View this post on Ins

In the Rut: Buck Destroys Decoy

What will you be doing in about seven months? rut

Pickled Deer Tongue Recipe

Some people like to use the entire animal, and man

All about deer

One in 30,000 deer is an albino. Deer can become r

Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry: Taxidermy at its finest

Wow. Just when I think I have already seen the mos

Never underestimate the persistence of a feline

This deer did something to upset this feline! &nbs

Buck has no fear…it must drink Red Bull…

Well, some people are born adrenaline junkies with

FWP offering reward for information in case of two wasted deer

Carcasses were dumped at Blue Creek FAS BILLINGS

Liquid spews from growth on buck’s head

Not all parts of nature are beautiful… We fi

Mountain lion takes mature buck down

Here’s some footage of a mountain lion bring

Muzzleloader Deer Down

On the first morning of the first day of Montana&#

Stuck Bucks Get Unstuck [VID]

This isn’t something everybody has seen before i

Very nice whitetail

Nick Kruger, from Superior, tagged himself a very

Venison Mac and Cheese: A Family Favorite

Macaroni and cheese is always a good choice for a

Venison Chili Mac

Take that venison and turn it into chili mac!

Doe Tagged for this Montana Mom!

Kerilyn Brooks, of St. Regis, has had quite a time

Incredible Venison: Marinated Deer Steaks by Krawdaddy Jones

Winter is rolling around and we prepare for holida

Western Montana Woman goes East to fill Freezer

Mary Arnold from the Bitterroot Valley filled her

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