dog vs bear

This little dog is not having bears on its turf!

We know those little dogs have a reputation for be

Dog and bass play

Have you ever seen a dog and a bass play?  Well,

Domestic Dogs on the Loose–Yay or Nay? [VIDEO]

Many people find it frustrating when domestic dogs

Family Raises Puppy that Turns Out to be a Bear [VIDEO]

You may or not believe this story, but it was repo

Hunter Gets “Skunked,” Dog Gets Sprayed On Trip

I’ve hunted hard this archery season but wit

Mountain Lion and Three Kittens Killed After Killing Two Dogs

One Mountain Lion mama and here three kittens were

Man Saves Dog Then Give Kangaroo a Right Hook

In Montana, we’ve seen videos and heard stor

Squirrels Hide Nuts In the Darnedest Places [VIDEO]

If your dog has thick fur, and you happen to have

Owner Saves Dog from Slow Death from Python

Living in Montana, we don’t run into pythons

Owner Films Chocolate Lab Stalked by Coyote in Yard..

Here is a video of a coyote stalking and going aft

Have a Bear Problem? Get a French Bulldog..

Well, if you are doing everything you can to keep

Dog Chased Cow Elk for 2.5 Hours

THIS is an example of what NOT to let your dog do

Deer and Dog Are Best Buds

(photo courtesy of People)   Now, I realize this

Dog Attacked by Wild Animal Outside of Missoula

(photos courtesy of Ruth Vanderbout)   Ruth Vande

How to Keep Your Dog and Wildlife Safe

I recently came across a brochure that was titled

Dog Catches Salmon on Flooded Road

This is where I insert the joke “Why did the

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