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Tasty Tuesday: Pike Pizza

Feeling like Italian food tonight?  Grab your pik

How to make your walleye taste even better

If you fish for walleye, and you cook your walleye

Walleye Cakes Recipe [VIDEO]

Oooooh, when you catch walleye, and all you can th

Catching/Bowfishing Carp at Canyon Ferry? Would you try this?

Some love carp, some won’t even try it.  Wh

Salt-Baked Steelhead: 30-Minute Recipe

Mmmmm….steelhead…what’s not to l

Forget the Chips – Salmon Skin Fritters Are “What’s for Dinner”!

So, you have had some success salmon fishing, as h

Turn Your Walleye Into a Lake Erie Monster

Do you have some walleye that you want to get cr

Maple Wasabi Salmon Recipe

Maple Wasabi Salmon Recipe 1 pound salmon fillets

Asian Honey Lake Trout Recipe

Are you looking for a new way to prepare the lake

Egg and Smoked Salmon Open-Face Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

You could probably substitute any type of smoked f

Smoked Trout Mousse…Yes, Really!

You might remember a recent post of a salmon chees

Salmon-Dill Cheesecake – The Fisherman’s Dessert

Have you caught a bunch of kokanee salmon lately,

Mississippi Crappie Casserole

(photo courtesy of   As you may have

Mother’s Day Fishing and Cooking: Captain’s Column

(photo courtesy of   This Sunda

Lake Trout Potato Salad Recipe

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From Your Line to Your Plate: Deep-Fried Pike Nuggets

(photo courtesy of   Even tho

Quick and Easy Fish Tacos Recipe

  Fast Fish Tacos Here is a great fish recipe

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