Mid-week Fishing Funnies

It’s Water Wednesday, so let’s see whi

10 Best April Fool’s Day Pranks for Hunters and Anglers

April Fool’s Day is a time where we see post

Sometimes you fall…sometimes you don’t: Montana fishing [VIDEO]

One thing to remember about fishing is that things

Have you ever gone hunting with THAT guy?

Choose your hunting buddies well. Sometimes, prime

Father wows youngster with call and response [VIDEO]

How can you not love the way this youngster looks

When you’re too close to the angler next to you…

A friend of mine sent me a text yesterday stating

skiers vs. snowboarders

Skiers vs. Snowboarders from 1985

Many people ski in Montana, and many people snowbo

Ice fishing with a newbie – Funny [VIDEO]

There are a ton of stories and videos of people ta

Man hits deer with vehicle and thanks fictional sponsors [VIDEO]

This man hit a buck with his vehicle and got creat

Deer Risks Life during Rifle Season to try and Fish

This is definitely something you don’t see e

Youngster watches first deer hunt on tv [VIDEO]

It’s awesome to see future hunters getting e

Deer Dozing [VIDEO]

Sometimes, things are funny, and you aren’t

Dinner Overboard in the Osprey Nest [VIDEO]

Okay, whether or not you are interested in the osp

PETA claims the word “pet” patronizes….pets [VIDEO]

So…..this happened… Just some Tuesday

You Never Know What Will Find You Hunting [VIDEO]

Well, how about that. lol  It appears that some a

Bear Found Relaxing like Human on Couch

Sometimes a bear needs a break after digging aroun

Beaver leads 150 cows accidentally [VIDEO]

If you have ever been around cows, then you know t

I can feel it …. [VIDEO]

Just a chuckle..if ya haven’t seen it yet.

Bears like golf, too! [VIDEO]

Many people love golf, while many people wonder wh

The Tuesday Tickler [VIDEO]

Some fishing humor from the Awesome Video Fishing

Kid Gives Directions to Fishin Hole [VIDEO]

Here is something for all anglers who are asked wh

Sin Tax on Meat?

Apparently, one of the world’s most illogica

PETA Profile Accessory FAILS

With the recent PETA filter going viral among anti

Lures to Target the Male…Fish?

We found a couple of lures that are said to targe