Youth Shooting Sports and Outdoor Expo, May 22

The 4th annual Youth Shooting Sports and Outdoor E

Sandy Hook families settle for $73M with gun maker Remington

Did you hear that the gun manufacturer Remington,

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A man from West Texas has just set a new world rec

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Did you know that an “animal trap” in

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Anything can be used as a weapon…it all boil

Gianforte signs HB 102 into law

Governor Greg Gianforte signed HB 102 into law, wh

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There are some pretty unusual firearms out there i

Slow Motion Shots fired by people who never shot before

In a time where Kamala Harris tweets about how she

Pistol shot recorded at 73,000 frames per second

Have you ever seen what a pistol shooting looks li

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Have you heard of Svalbard?  The Governor of Sval

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Here are five old school firearms that are interes

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This is always an important topic! Here’s a

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