Technical issues affect online license purchases

“Technical difficulties” caused many h

Hunters can donate game meat through Hunters Against Hunger program

Local food pantries across the state are preparing

Montana FWP 2017 Year In Review [VID}

Montana Sportsmen Spend a lot of money on licenses

A Warning for Relationships with Hunters/Trappers

As a trapper and a hunter being with a trapper and

PETA Profile Accessory FAILS

With the recent PETA filter going viral among anti

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Hank Grover, a writer for Sweat N Bulletz, compile

Helping Handicapped Hunters

Helping Handicapped Hunters exists to “raise

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     Today is the opening day of trapping seas

Hunters: Drink Your Coffee So You Don’t Miss Anything!

Make sure you get a full night of sleep and enough

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Hunter and angler numbers have risen in recent yea

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Antlers-Locked Buck Saved with Ax by Hunters

Hunters SAVE lives, too!  These hunters came acro

Search Is On For Missing Hunters This Week

Open season often sneaks up on hunters, and those

Hunters Help to Fight Hunger: Brett French Radio Show Preview

The numbers are pretty staggering. The Billings Fo

Attention Hunters–Check Your Propane Lines at Your Hunting Camp

Are you using propane as a heating source in your

Anti-Hunter Open Fires on Duck Hunters in Wisconsin

As hunters, we know that not everybody hunts and n

Hunters Come To Rescue of Montana Teen in Plane Crash

feature photo: Larry Mayer-Billings Gazette- Two S

TSA Soon to Allow Pocket Knives On Airplanes

Just last week while standing in the security line

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