Ice conditions still exist on popular Spring Lakes

Chad Arnson from Clinton passed on an ice report t

Ice Thickness Guide

Here is a short video on the science behind ice th

Use EXTREME caution while on the ice

With winter making its way to us recently, many pe



Eddie Mindt from Lakeridge Lodging and Bait shop h


Scary Ice Encounter at Fort Peck

Here is a story that was posted on b


Why does ice appear to be blue sometimes?

Why does ice sometimes appear to be blue? Ice can

Angler falls through ice after ignoring signs of danger [VIDEO]

Okay, we have all seen videos of people falling th

ice fishing

Ice fishing – What really happens on the ice?

Ice fishing is a pretty darn popular sport for men

Caribou on Ice (no this isn’t a drink recipe) [VIDEO]

Nope, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day j

Watch for Falling Ice!

If you happen to be driving on a big ‘ol bri

This is a sight nobody wants to see!

Here’s something that nobody wants to see. 

Helena Area Reservoirs Becoming Too Unsafe

Anglers are reminded that ice conditions can be ex

Vehicles That Fell Through the Ice Complilation [VID]

News Flash: Vehicles Fall Through the Ice –

Coolest Sound Ever? Maybe….

Here is a guy that he grew up in California–

What a Difference Half a Decade Makes?-BEST OF Captain’s Column

The Captain wrote a column on January 5th of 2012,

Kids Ice Fishing–and Loving It! [VIDEO]

These youngsters are having an awesome time ice fi

Viral “Fishing Under Ice” Video Explained–Finally!

You may have already seen this video and not reall

Moose Rescued from Frozen Lake

We aren’t sure of the location, but a very c

Hunter Displays Frozen Fox as Warning

Franz Stehle displayed this frozen fox outside his

Fort Peck Lake Frozen Over

Fort Peck Lake was observed to be completely froze

Popsicle Car Formed Overnight

“Justin Yelen, 24, parked his Mitsubishi Lan

Unique Ice Rescue for Lucky Whitetail

Wildlife rescues are a good way to get that warm a

A Wakeup Call for Winter Drivers [VIDEO]

There are good reasons for you to brush the snow

Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 3.10.14

Report compiled by Carol Henckel Please be advised