Researchers Conducting Canada Lynx Survey in Glacier National Park

In the northernmost reaches of Montana lives a rar

Two Lynx having a serious discussion [VIDEO]

When I, personally, think of lynx, I think of one

Very cool Montana lynx footage! [VIDEO]

It’s always awesome to see footage of a lynx

Canada Lynx Footage…because they’re cool [VIDEO]

Lynx fur is my personal favorite fur (well–t

Canada Lynx RECOVERED!

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Wildlife officials in the

Montana, Other Western States Faces ITP Lawsuit –

The Outcome of the Incidental Take Permit lawsuit

Rare Canada Lynx Spotted Walking Amongst Skiers and Boarders

A rare Canad Lynx was spotted a ski run at Purgato

The Lone Lynx–Trail Cam Footage

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If You Saw a Lynx at the Post Office–What Would You Do?

A woman found this lynx hanging out near the Terr

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