Montana Grant


Everyone wants to be successful when hunting and f

Things (by Montana Grant)

Outdoorsmen are collectors. We collect friends, ge

Too Rustic (by Montana Grant)

American Outdoorsmen are becoming Wussies! Camping

Woodies! (by Montana Grant)

Wood Ducks are arguably one of the most beautiful

Code of Conduct (by Montana Grant)

I talk to a boatload of Sportsmen about hunting an

Dead Fish (by Montana Grant)

Why do fish die? The Pandemic is certainly impacti

After the Pandemic! (by Montana Grant)

Fishermen need to get ready for some great fishing

Skunk be Gone! (by Montana Grant)

Unwanted encounters between dogs and skunks are wa

Turkey Loads (by Montana Grant)

Turkey ammo has come along way. The days of Bucksh

Turkey Tools! (by Montana Grant)

Tools make tasks easier and smarter. Turkey huntin

Perch Flies! (by Montana Grant)

Fly fishing extends way beyond trout. Even though

Tomorrow!!! (by Montana Grant)

Life is always changing. It’s like the weather i

A New Parasite in Town! (by Montana Grant)

The Long-horned Tick has made landfall in North Am

First Limit! (by Montana Grant)

Do you remember your first limit? Human nature is


Everyone has their lucky rod. What make sit lucky?

On Edge!!! (by Montana Grant)

If you own a knife, it needs to be sharp! A dull k

Quarantine Fly Fishing (by Montana Grant)

If you are bored and have cabin fever, break out t

Bare Root Tree Planting (by Montana Grant)

Now is the time to begin thinking about bringing y

Fish for Dinner! (by Montana Grant)

I found a pack of brook trout filets in my freezer

6 Foot Fishing (by Montana Grant)

As Spring Trout Season approaches, may states are

What the Heck? (by Montana Grant)

I read the other day that the outdoor population o

Target Your Turkey! (by Montana Grant)

Montana Grant knows TURKEYS!  Be sure to check ou

Ice Chips Tips 2 (by Montana Grant)

Ice fishing tips and tricks can turn the ice on fi

Ice Chips (by Montana Grant)

There are always new tips and tricks to make our d

ICE MEN Are the COOLEST! (by Montana Grant)

Ice fishermen, and women, are the coolest folks on

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