Lions, Grizzlies and Wolves…Oh, my

If you’re wondering what the wolves, grizzly

4th Annual NW Predator Hunt in February!

The 4th Annual Northwest Predator Hunt starts on F

Calling Turkeys Brings in Bear [VID]

For those of you who have been scouting and practi

Claws of Killers

If you have ever wondered how big the claws from p

Porcupine Vs. Lions (Plural)

We have porcupines here in Montana,  and, as a ma

Team Fate Outdoors: Montana Predator Management & Wildlife Conservation

Predator management is essential in Montana and ev

Predator VS. Predator

“While the population of resident wolves in

It’s a Cat Eat Cat World…

Are you barn cats going missing all of the sudden?

Giant Water Bug Devours Fish!

Most of us put an insect, or the impression of one