Mystery fisherman rescues kid from drowning in New York lake

Thank goodness for good people! Not everyone is lo

Noxon Rescue post from this past weekend

Here is a post by Brad Fitchett regarding a rescue

Trooper Rescues Woman from Submerged Vehicle

Woman goes off-road and vehicle submerged in Yello

Bitterroot River Rescue and Warning

Here is a post from Darby, Montana’s social

Alligator Rescued from….Lake Michigan? Yep.

With all the drama and controversy with the media

Horse Found in Deep Snow on Top of Mountain in Wolf-Dense Forest

A horse was rescued after spending six weeks alone

Grizzly Bear Rescue from a Septic Tank Caught on Film

It appears this video is from last year, but was j

Bravery At Its Best: The Skunk and the Can [VIDEO]

Skunks “can” get into things, and Mike

Unique Ice Rescue for Lucky Whitetail

Wildlife rescues are a good way to get that warm a

Bailing Twine Successfully Removed from Buck’s Neck Near Whitefish

Beginning in late December, FWP received calls fro

Meanwhile, in China–Operation Swan Guard Activated

The Swan Guard is kind of like the Coast Guard, ex

Skiers Find Big Buck Buried in Snow Still Alive

I don’t have much information on this video

Bull Elk Released from Antler-Locked Dead Bull

Have you ever been a part of an elk rescue? David

Firefighters Rescue Mountain Lion Cubs From Bitterroot Forest Fire

Two firefighters have been receiving quite a bit o

Boy Risks Life to Save Fawn

How far would you go to save a baby animal in the

Caught on Video: Deer Rescued by Hovercraft

Three deer were stranded on the partially frozen A

Kalispell Hunter Missing, Search Called Off Due to Weather

A 65-year-old duck hunter has been missing since M

Rescuers Searching for Missing Man on Placid Lake

The search for a 69-year-old man continued today o

Hunters Come To Rescue of Montana Teen in Plane Crash

feature photo: Larry Mayer-Billings Gazette- Two S

The “Jarhead” Bear Epidemic

According to an article posted on the New York Da

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