In the Rut: Buck Destroys Decoy

What will you be doing in about seven months? rut

Guard rail elk fight [VIDEO]

Hey, sometimes, elk just need a buffer….

The best music the world has to offer [VIDEO]

It’s always awesome to see bulls during the

Bull fight! [VIDEO]

This is some pretty awesome game camera footage fr

Buck tries to mount doe on meat rack

Be careful where you hang your meat during the rut

Bull Elk Bugling in Montana [VIDEO]

Even though we’ve heard it before, and we ju

Rutting buck interrupts coyote hunt [VIDEO]

Just because you’re coyote hunting doesnR

Big Bulls Battling During the Rut! [VIDEO]

Guess what time it almost is………

Rut Gaining Steam Across Montana

Rut is officially in full swing across Montana. Hu

Buck Rut Fight! It’s a Good One! [VIDEO]

In the spirit of the rut, here is one heck of a fi

How to Know When the Best Days of the Rut Will Be

Realtree posted an article that by Josh Honeycutt

Where To Find Bulls When The Elk Rut Ends

Only a few days of archery season remain and the e

Central Montana’s Elk Woods Full But Quiet

I spent last week hunting a block management area

Whitey vs. Muley…sort of [VIDEO]

Whitetail and muleys are quite different, but Mont

Because We Love It!! – Bucks Go Head to Head [VIDEO]

We know that you have probably all seen this befor

Post Your Best Buck Rut Pic!

Show us your pics of rutting bucks! Whether you sh

Here’s Something to Pump Up the Elk Hunters [VIDEO]

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a

The Rut Is On: Check Out These Bull Moose Going at It! [video]

A hiker in Canada was on her way to hike Mt. Fortr

The Rut is ON in the Root!

Mike Stephens, of the Sula area, has proof that th

Bull Elk In Love [VIDEO]

Some wacky footage has recently surfaced of an elk

Rutting Bull Elk Charges Vehicles

You think you’re safe IN your vehicle while