Turning Money Into Noise (by Colonel Smoothbore)

Memorial weekend is just one week away and I’m s

Shotgun Patterning – Part 2 (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Before continuing with this column, I suggest you

Shotgun Patterning (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Turkey season is just two weeks away so I thoug


Patterning Shotguns (with Colonel Smoothbore)

With the upland bird season just a month away I’

Christmas Gun Gift Questions Answered by Colonel Smoothbore

Here’s a question, “I need a gun, what should

Golfing With Shotguns

Sporting Clays (or sometimes called “Sporting”

Post Modern Skeet

The modern skeet game pretty much came into being

“The Sport Alluring”- With Colonel Smoothbore

The early days of trapshooting were dominated by a

“Bunker Busting” – With Colonel Smoothbore

About a dozen years ago, my friend Jim Clawson int

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I was born and raised in Montana and before last w

Combo Trap Gun Sets

Let’s finish our look at trap guns with the hing

Smoothbore Shooting School Shotgun Class Beginning April 26th

(photo courtesy of Colonel Smoothbore) The Missoul

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This week we’ll cover a few diverse subjects. Fi

Joe Biden Says Shotguns are Easier to Shoot than AR-15s

Joe Biden recently told women to go “buy a s

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This week, as we continue our shotgun review, we

Triple Barrel Shotgun? Yes, Please!

Colonel Smoothbore’s lesson this week was on

Patterning Shotguns with Colonel Smoothbore

I want to take some time away from our discussion

Auto Loading Shotguns – A Lesson from Colonel Smoothbore

It’s time now to continue our look at auto loadi

Semi-Auto and Auto Loading Shotguns with Colonel Smoothbore

This week we’ll take a look at semi-auto or auto