Would you try an electric snow scooter?

I am a gas-powered fanatic.  Typically, if it isn

When the powder is just a little too deep…lol [VIDEO]

How do you know your area REALLY got some snow? 

Helena Area Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 12.21.18

Hunting: The elk shoulder hunt is still active, bu

Montana Photo Shows 11 Feet of Snow Currently

The above photo was taken on March 19, 2018–

Waiting on Winter – BEST OF Captain’s Columns!

Let’s just hope that this winter, we get a t

Horse Found in Deep Snow on Top of Mountain in Wolf-Dense Forest

A horse was rescued after spending six weeks alone

Study Shows that Eating Snow Equivalent to Inhaling Car Exhaust

In a recent study part of a new book, “Envir

Time Lapse Video Shows East Coast’s Winter Storm Jonas

If you want a visual of what the snowfall from Win

Popsicle Car Formed Overnight

“Justin Yelen, 24, parked his Mitsubishi Lan

Zip Grip Go Tire Traction Alternative to Chains…

If you’re looking for an alternative to heav

Moose Charges While Group of Hikers Can Only Watch

Picture this…you’re hiking in the moun

Shovel Your Roof with Ease

Although this might not be very helpful in many pl

Make Ice Cream Out of Snow in a Few Simple Steps!

There is definitely snow in Montana, some places h

It’s Snowing in Montana….in September!

It’s September 10th, and there is SNOW in Mo

Flashback Tuesday – Montana Snowfall in August

Twenty-two years ago, Montana had snowfall in Augu

Attention Skiers and Snow Lovers…It Has Begun!

For all you skiers and snowboarders out there, get

Airplane Tows Skier up a Mountain!

All the ski lifts have closed for the season aroun

Montana Spring Can be a Real Jerk Sometimes!

Just when you think it’s time to bust out th

Springtime at Yellowstone National Park

Springtime means that Yellowstone National Park wi

MORS Weekley Wrap Up

Spring is here around western Montana! Skiers and

Snowbowl Hosts Gelande Jump Championship This Weekend

One of my favorite local ski hills has to be Snowb

Lolo Pass Snowpack Above Yearly Average So Far

As hard as it is to endure a long Montana winter,