An interesting historical trap patent

Did you know that an “animal trap” in

Water Trapper is back on the Water!

Here it is, folks — Water Trapper is officia

Big ol wolf!

Things sure are bigger in Alaska… Check out

pine marten population

Montana Trappers Association helps FWP restore pine marten population

Kudos to The Montana Trappers Association and the

Wolf sets off trap on foot and doesn’t even realize it [VIDEO]

Okay, you antis that are trolling this page to see

First Double with Two Hunters for Helterline

Jeremy and Tim, both from Colorado, booked a trapl

Water Trapper Strikes Again with Wolf #2

Mr. John Wilson, of Bonner, did it again!  The no

MT wolf down by a water trapper

John Wilson, of Bonner, is an avid sportsman. He d

Another Montana wolf down!

Dallas hunter, William Diggs, collected a wolf on

New Year’s Weekend Wolf!

Dan Helterline not only helps others get their wol

New FWP Website – What are your thoughts?

FWP has a new look on their website.  Personally,

Swift fox season to close in Trapping District 6

The season for taking swift fox in a portion of Tr

Wolf Trapping Season Opens Today in Montana

For the Montana wolf trappers out there, today is

Mandatory wolf trapping class offered online

HELENA – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wil

I am a Montana trapper

In my opinion, trapping is controversial only beca

MTSFW booth in Missoula this Friday, Oct 23

MTSFW will have their booth set up in front of the

State Land Recreation Info

State Trust Lands are properties managed by the De

How to make wax dirt [VIDEO]

This one is for the trappers who use wax dirt or w

Sportsmen Support!

There are many awesome things about being a hunter

Youngster Excited about 55 -Pound Beaver [VIDEO]

It’s always awesome seeing kids getting invo

Otter Season Will Close in Trapping District 5

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

Otter season will close in Trapping District 2

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

Bobcat Trapping Season to close in District 2

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis

Bobcat Season To Close In Trapping District 4

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commis