Elk in wildfire video from Big Horn County goes viral

Here is some footage making its rounds on social m

Elk and Dogs Playing or Not Playing?

There’s controversy over this video from a f

When a praying mantis is hungry, it eats!

You may know that a praying mantis can eat a hummi

Wolves attack moose in broad daylight on road [VIDEO]

Living in the northwest, we tend to see nature raw

Some deer like rawhide bones, it appears

Sometimes deer want to chew on rawhide bones, too.

Montana Morel Madness

You just never know….keep your eyes peeled!

MORS Reboot: Bull Elk vs. Horse [VIDEO]

What would your comments be for this video?  (If

Chicken + Kool-Aid = Catfish

If you’re after catfish, here’s super

Some history on smokejumpers…wildfire heroes

The history of smokejumpers goes way back. Take a

Skier records bear chasing him down the mountain [VIDEO]

Did you hear about the bear that chased the skier

Duck vs. Frog [VIDEO]

Ducks like frog legs, too.  At least, this duck d

Mountain lions strolling in Great Falls

Jay Kinsey of Great Falls posted this last week. 

This bear REALLY wants in the boat [VIDEO]

Well, this is something you don’t see every

This is what all kids need these days [VIDEO]

This kid’s parents are doing it right.  Tha

ice fishing

Ice fishing – What really happens on the ice?

Ice fishing is a pretty darn popular sport for men

skiers vs. snowboarders

Skiers vs. Snowboarders from 1985

Many people ski in Montana, and many people snowbo

Ice fishing with a newbie – Funny [VIDEO]

There are a ton of stories and videos of people ta

Avalanche close call for snowmobilers in Cooke City, MT

Safety first when it comes to any outdoor recreati

Kid has meltdown while ice fishing

Hey, we all like taking pictures. But, this youngs

Youngster has funny reaction to catching first fish

Okay, we know it’s almost technically winter

Bear scales rock wall [VIDEO]

Bears are versatile–we know this–but,

Hunter Touches Rutting Buck with Arrow…[VIDEO]

This is something you don’t see everydayR

Fish and Wildlife Commission Meeting LiveStream

The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission will me

Kokanee Salmon Spawn at Georgetown Lake

Kokanee salmon–YUM! Good stuff! Here’s

Holy High Jumping Buck!! [VIDEO]

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…