Tomorrow!!! (by Montana Grant)

Life is always changing. It’s like the weather i

Snow, Rain, Snow, Rain: Captain’s Column 3.2.17

Snow, rain, snow, rain and more snow! Does that so

Welcome to Siberia, Montana!!: Captain’s Column 1.5.16

Happy New and welcome to Siberia Montana! We might

A Day Late & A Dollar Short: Captain’s Column 12.1.16

You undoubtedly heard the old saying, “A day lat

Here We Go Again!!! (by Montana Grant)

I knew that Fall was near the other day when an ac

What Is Blowing Up the Weather Radar In South Dakota?

The US National Weather Service Aberdeen South Da

Huge Fog Bank Rolls In on Boating Anglers

This is what can happen if you decide to go fishin

With Cold Weather Comes Movement… [VIDEO]

When the temperature drops, the movement starts

Have You Ever Witnessed the Sky Falling in Montana?

Montana is dubbed the “big sky” state

Truck Totaled after Hit By Lightning Yesterday

Did you hear about the man driving near Idaho Fall

The Heat Is ON: Captain’s Column (7.2.15)

Walleye tournament fishing was hot last weekend on

Weather and Elk Hunting: Captain’s Column (9.18.14)

Your garden and flowers may not have enjoyed the b

Flashback Tuesday – Montana Snowfall in August

Twenty-two years ago, Montana had snowfall in Augu

Inaccurate Technology: Captain’s Column (6.26.14)

Sometimes I wish the technology that we have today

Montana Spring Can be a Real Jerk Sometimes!

Just when you think it’s time to bust out th

Effects of Weather on Fishing: Captain’s Column 3.13.14

The weather this week in Western Montana is still

You Know You’re a Montanan When…

Weather, distance, and geography all make the Trea

The Continental US Record Cold Spot Is In Montana

This is the Highway Marker on Rogers pass, not too

Forget Your Coat Skiing in Montana?…Forgetaboutit!

This week has been particularly balmy around Monta

5 Tips for Traveling Safely on Ice

2 Inches If there are 2 inches or less, stay off t

Man Turns Boiling Water to Dust in 20 Below Weather

A Great Falls teacher posted a video of his home e

Boiling Water to Snow–How to Enjoy Winter in Montana

With the temperatures plummeting well below zero i

Ten Cold Weather Safety Tips

It is colder in Montana, than either of the poles.

Sick of the Cold? Check Out This Mask Designed by a Montana Hunter!

The facemask is known as the ColdAvenger, and has

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