Whitetail deer

Whitetail Deer Facts You Might Not Know…

For the whitetail hunters out there, how much do y

Unique Ice Rescue for Lucky Whitetail

Wildlife rescues are a good way to get that warm a

Vetrinanrian and Son Work to Free Drowning Buck

A large 5×5 buck and smaller 4×4 buck go

FWP Seeks Tips on Deer Poached Near Hamilton

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks game wardens ar

Good News for Deer and Antelope Numbers According to FWP Surveys…

MILES CITY—Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wild

Got a Buck? Jeff Hobirk of Missoula Has One!

Jeff Hobirk, of Missoula, is no stranger to huntin

Life and Death: Bears, Wolves and Deer

We put on our camo, and grabbed our guns, Along wi

Slow Rebound for Antelope: Brett French Radio Show Preview

Antelope populations are slowly bouncing back in n

EHD Possible In Central Montana Whitetails

Dead white-tailed deer, possibly killed by epizoot

Buck Stuck in Combine

In late September of 2012, a nice 5×5 buck s

Unusual Buck Sheds Only One Antler

(photo courtesy of qdma.com)   Texas landowner an

Dylan Tipps – Long-Time Hunter and Angler at Age 14

Dylan Tipps, a 14 year-old from Stevensville, Mont

A Successful Family Hunt During Montana’s 2012 Rifle Season

Mike, Kathy, Cody, Justin and Kasey (who already f

One Shot–One Buck

It was Saturday, November 24th, and I hadn’t

How A Montana Hunter Shot Two Bucks in One Hunting Season

Tony Jones, a long-time Montana hunter, recently g

Archery Season Success for this Montana Hunter

Archery season, in the Bitterroot valley, where th

Creative Ideas for A Deer Rump Mount

Would you ring the doorbell below, or would you kn

“The Buck Stops Here”…Across from the Gravel Pit

The gravel pit across the field where Jason Maxwel

Montana FWP’s Region 1 Check Station Report: Week 1

Hunting Check Station Results for Northwest Montan

“Fangs” on a Whitetail Deer?

Have you ever seen “fangs” on a deer?

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