Wolf nips at Grizzly Bear at YNP

In case you wanted to see a wolf nip at a bearR

Idaho Falls woman uses bear spray to protect pets from wolves

Just when you think grizzly bears are the main ani

Wolves attack moose in broad daylight on road [VIDEO]

Living in the northwest, we tend to see nature raw

Free Wolf Trapping Seminar and Wolf Trapping Certification Class May 23

Mark your calendars for this upcoming event, hoste

Yellowstone National Park wolf eating carcass

On the topic of wolves, here is some footage for y

Wolves do attack domestic dogs at home

While many animal rights activist groups say that

Two Wolves and a Coyote in Action [VIDEO]

You just never know what you’ll come across

Wolf sets off trap on foot and doesn’t even realize it [VIDEO]

Okay, you antis that are trolling this page to see

“Water Trapper” bags wolf number THREE!

Montana’s now infamous “Water Trapper&

Wolf and deer show stamina in chase

In the video below, two guys recorded a wolf and a

Another Montana wolf down!

Dallas hunter, William Diggs, collected a wolf on

Case DeWit does his part to manage our wolf population

Montana wolf down for Case DeWit of Missoula! DeWi

New Year, new wolf for Dan Helterline

Dan Helterline did it AGAIN! His New Year’s

Wolf season to close in WMU 313

The hunting and trapping of all wolves in Montana

Bears vs. wolf in zoo [VIDEO]

Wolves may think they are the biggest and baddest,

Brett French presents: A Wolf in Spider’s Clothing

On a recent camping trip to Fort Peck Reservoir my

Bison calf vs. Wolf [VIDEO]

This bison calf almost didn’t make it–

Wolves [VIDEO]

What are YOUR thoughts on wolves?  Here are a few

Giant Montana Wolf Trapped

Trapper Donnie “The Duck” Larson, from Missoul

Howling in 13 wolves to 30 yards in Idaho [VIDEO]

For those of you getting after wolves this season,

Experts say wolves spread CWD [VIDEO]

With us being in the era of “fake news”

Montana Wolf Harvest Update 11.1.19

Wolf hunting season is on in Montana!  The state&