“Ode to a Lobo” by Dan Helterline

Dan Helterline is a man of many talents.  He is w

Wolf Harvest Numbers Update as of 2.20.22

Here are the latest wolf harvest numbers broken do

Montana Wolf Harvest Update as of January 18, 2022

Way to go, wolf trappers and wolf hunters!  The

Wolf Harvest Update as of December 31, 2021

Congratulations to Montana wolf hunters and trappe

Wolf trapping to open in several Wolf Management Units around the state

After monitoring grizzly bear activity across muc

Helterline did it…or is doing it AGAIN!

Dan Helterline, of Plains, is a legend.  Actually

Montana Wolf Harvest Update

Montana hunters are doing what they can to put a d

Woman randomly comes across wolf howling at YNP

“On my way out of Yellowstone National Park

The best wolf meat recipe EVER

If you think that you haven’t found the perf

Wolf nips at Grizzly Bear at YNP

In case you wanted to see a wolf nip at a bearR

Idaho Falls woman uses bear spray to protect pets from wolves

Just when you think grizzly bears are the main ani

Wolves attack moose in broad daylight on road [VIDEO]

Living in the northwest, we tend to see nature raw

Free Wolf Trapping Seminar and Wolf Trapping Certification Class May 23

Mark your calendars for this upcoming event, hoste

Yellowstone National Park wolf eating carcass

On the topic of wolves, here is some footage for y

Wolves do attack domestic dogs at home

While many animal rights activist groups say that

Two Wolves and a Coyote in Action [VIDEO]

You just never know what you’ll come across

Wolf sets off trap on foot and doesn’t even realize it [VIDEO]

Okay, you antis that are trolling this page to see

“Water Trapper” bags wolf number THREE!

Montana’s now infamous “Water Trapper&

Wolf and deer show stamina in chase

In the video below, two guys recorded a wolf and a

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