Biggest fish to date for this youngster!

Patty Rose, of Fairview, shared this photo of her

Fort Peck Fishing Success!

MORS listener Dan Long sent us this great picture

Have you wondered if it is illegal to own a pet bass?

People are curious by nature.  Some curiosity is

Top 5 Lures for Tough Winter Bass [VIDEO]

Wondering which baits to use while getting after t

A Letter from a Concerned Bass Angler on Proposed Regulations

Captain: As we discussed on the phone, I am concer

Joe Herbold and Dan Walter on the Peck Last Weekend

When everyone, for the most part, is trying to fil

Does this bass make my head look small? (by Brett French)

As listeners to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show wil

Nice Bass!

Nik Burke from Glasgow caught a nice small mouth b

The HAMMER got into the Walleyes on Fort Peck last Monday

Brandt “The Hammer” Hamernick and Trac

Feeding Bass..and Naming Them… [VIDEO]

Have you fed bass before rather than fishing for t

Guy Catches Monster Bass with Bare Hands

As they say in the video summary.  No pole? No pr

Flathead Fishing Report from the Macman 9.6.2016

September 6, 2016 Fishermen: In my last report I p

Frogging for Bass [VIDEO]

Ninepipes….if you like bass fishing in Monta

The Ward boys and Jon Anderson from South Dakota attack Fort Peck!

The fishing was great at Fort Peck on Sunday!  Th

Fish of Fort Peck: Captain’s Column (5.26.16)

Last week marked my first fishing trip to Fort Pec

Smallmouth are Big Bass at Fort Peck

Ted Toavs from Wolf Point fished with the Captain

Hamernick Hammers the Fish at Fort Peck!

Brandt Hamernick from Missoula fished Fort Peck re

Two-Pound Bass Caught with Crawdad in Mouth

Outdoor Hub recently posted a picture that a fishe

Big Meal for a Not-So-Big Bass!

What is the craziest thing you have ever found in

Flathead River Fishing Success!

Tracy Powers and Brandt Hamernick, from Missoula,

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Hook!

How many fish can you catch with one bait…an

Fort Peck Gave It Up Yesterday!

The Captain and his fishing crew had a phenomenal

Largemouth Bass Fishing at Ninepipe Reservoir

Brandt Hamernick from Missoula sent in this pictur

Huge Largemouth Caught in the Bitterroot Valley

Jonathan Milak, of Hamilton, reeled in a monster l

Billy the Bass Scares off Burglar

The popular novelty gift, Billy the singing bass,