Montana Wolf Trapping Certification Course to be Offered Online

Anyone who wishes to set a trap for a wolf in Montana is required to first successfully complete the

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Lance 1

Would You Run 100 Miles?

I like to run .  And I like to run far.  In fact a couple days ago my friend Lance Jones and I dro


Do you Know the Pope And Young Minimum Scores?

Maybe you are like me and don’t really care about tape measures and record books.  Or maybe y


Old Iron (with Colonel Smoothbore)

When I was 12 years old, Dad entered me in a local turkey shoot. I was in a group of youngsters ages

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Bitterroot Hunter Starts Season With a Bang

White tailed deer permits allow hunters to harvest white tailed deer in special management areas wit


Montana Hunting and Fishing Reports 8/29/15

The smoke continues to choke much of Montana, but that is not stopping us from hitting the water. If

opportunity bank

Down Rigger Dale Joins the Crew – Listen to Last Week’s Show 8/29/15

The Captain is preparing to bust out his stick and string for archery season in Montana. Fresh off t


New Mexico Uses Trapping To Curtail Mountain Lion Populations

Nothing gets the anti-hunting, anti-trapping, anti everything crowd fired up like large predators. A

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Kids All Over Montana Prepare for the Inaugural Apprentice Hunting Season

Growing up, it was always a countdown to your 12th birthday. That was when I could officially become


Salmon Bite Continues on Fort Peck

Looks like the Chinook bite should continue on Fort Peck for a few more weeks. The Captain recently

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Can You Judge A Record Book Buck?

Judging deer on the hoof can be tough. So many times hunters suffer from “ground shrinkage syn


When Should You Catch & Release or Keep & Eat a Walleye?

When to catch and release or to keep a walleye or any other type of fish is a widely controversial,


An Event You Don’t Want To Miss THIS WEEKEND!

ATTENTION ALL TRAPPERS AND SUPPORTERS OF TRAPPING!  The Montana Trappers Association is sponsoring

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Note Left By Tourist In Yellowstone Urges The Park To Start Training The Local Bears

The note below has gained national attention as it asks Yellowstone Park Officials to please train t


Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors (8.28.15)

Fishing: Holter Lake seems to be yielding more catches than the other lakes.  The clay bluffs at Ho

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Duo Has a Wild Summer Job: Brett French Radio Show Preview

The idea of spending a summer backpacking into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness as a job seems pret

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Get the Dish on the Fish on Catchin the Big Ones LIVE Today!

Tune into Catchin the Big Ones with the Captain for the latest in fishing reports for Western

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