Family hunting memories last.

Hunting With Family Provides Lasting Memories

Hunting season reminds me of crisp autumn days following my father around as he hunted small game li

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So Close the Deer Touched My Pants Screen Grab

So Close the Deer Touched My Pants [VIDEO]

How close is too close?  That’s like asking how cool is too cool! With Big Game season fast a

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A Family of Bobcats in their Element [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what a family of bobcats looks like when they are just hanging out? Wonder no

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Listen to Last Week’s Show 10/18/14

Did you miss the latest episode of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show? Have no fear, you can hear all th


Montana Hunting and Fishing Reports 10/18/14

Seeing lots of successful antelope hunters across Montana and looking ahead at the opener of general


How to Quarter an Elk Without Dressing in Under 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

For a vast majority of my life, every elk I have tagged has came out whole. With changes in access o

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Missoula Angler Lands Impressive Brown

Missoula angler, Jordan Thompson, took a little roadtrip to Wyoming in search of some fishing. While

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Todd Young of Glasgow Bags Beauty Antelope Buck

Montana Outdoor Radio Show correspondent, Todd Young, bag a beautiful antelope recently. Taken in th

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Air Umbrella — The Future of Umbrellas? [VIDEO]

For those who need an umbrella every now and then when you’re outside braving the elements, ta

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Missoula Man Has Antelope Hunting Success!

Grant Winn of Missoula had a successful antelope hunt Sunday. He shot this nice antelope buck that h

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Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors – 10.16.14

Hunting: Archery season wraps up October 19th. Now we’re looking forward to General Deer and Elk s

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The Captain and the Richman Brothers Hit Up Holter!

Scott Richman, from Missoula, and his older brother Dan, from New York, enjoyed fishing with the Cap

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Creating Habitat for Ruffed Grouse: Brett French Radio Show Preview

Along the eastern face of the Beartooth Mountains a cooperative aspen regeneration project has bo

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