bitterroot flower

In search of the Bitterroot

Keep an eye out for Montana’s state flower – the bloom time is coming soon in May and Ju

Falcon with dog

Falconry: The Other Hunters

Montana offers so many opportunities for hunters it can be tough to decide which one to pursue at ti

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Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors (4.25.15)

Hunting: Spring turkey and bear seasons are in full swing! Bob Ward’s is stocked with ammo, de

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Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors (4.24.15)

Hunting: Spring Turkey and Spring Bear seasons are in full swing. Gopher season is exploding right n

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Fishing Fun Day for Two Missoula Anglers

Missoula anglers, Viet Le and Chia Yang, hit the western Montana waters in search of some fish–

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YOU Can Learn the Inside Info on How to Catch the Big Ones TODAY!

Tune into Catchin the Big Ones with the Captain for the latest in fishing reports for Western

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Siamese Pike? Yep, really…

Mike Lockhart recently posted a picture of a pike on Facebook that rapidly went viral (thank you fo

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Have an Opinion on the Mountain Lion Quotas? How about Mountain Goats?

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is requesting public review and comment on two separate ite

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Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 4.20.15)

With spring weather here please be aware that it can be unpredictable.  Enjoy yourself but remember

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The Captain and His “Wise” Ways Last Weekend: Captain’s Column (4.23.15)

Last Saturday morning, I was invited to do my statewide hunting and fishing show, the Montana Outdoo

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A Message from the Macman: A Different Fishing Approach (4.22.15)

Fishermen: Why has there been such a disparity among lake trout fishermen in the Mack Day Tournament

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Now Is the Time to Show Your Support…

NOW is the time for YOU and your contacts to act to help finalize SB 334 with the Governor. The Anim

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Foot Fishing?

Fishing, shmishing…..just use your feet! Check this out:   Who needs a hook? Posted by Th

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With the arrival of spring and melting snow, shed hunters have taken to the hills in search of cheri

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Helena Area Reservoirs Fishing Report for the Week of 4.20.15

Canyon Ferry:  Rainbow trout are cruising shorelines throughout the reservoir and anglers are doing

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Bighorn Sheep Die-Off Prompts 2nd Hunting District Closure

Montana’s Fish& Wildlife Commission today closed another bighorn sheep hunting district, t

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Youth Trapper Camp Offered in June–Apply Today!

2015 Youth Trapper Camp is accepting applications for 2015! WHAT IS YOUTH TRAPPER CAMP, AND WHAT DOE

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