Do You Support Delta’s Decision?

What do you think of Delta’s most recent announcement since the Cecil story broke?  Do you ag

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bright blue sky with the sun causing lens flare

5 Ways to Catch a Walleye in the Summer Heat

Sometimes summer fishing can be hard when the temps start creeping towards triple digits. Not only b



Folks, Montana FWP is holding meetings throughout the state for their ’15 & Forward initia

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Surrounded by Wolves [VIDEO]

If you have ever been out hunting and you see a wolf, it is definitely an adrenaline rush for a few

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Whitefish Caught at Flathead

Jim Johnson and Denny Peterson went fishing for whitefish on Flathead Lake Saturday and they got int

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Fly Fishing Collaborative Update

Big things are happening with the Fly Fishing Collaborative, which is an organization that focuses o

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USSA Defending Our Hunting Heritage

Nick Pinizzotto, US Sportsmen’s Alliance President and CEO recently appeared on CBS This Morni

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What To Do At a National Trappers Convention

Many people have never considered the side of trapping that includes social interaction, competition


Patterning Shotguns (with Colonel Smoothbore)

With the upland bird season just a month away I’d like to chat a little bit about patterning shotg

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opportunity bank

The Captain’s Away The Crew Will Play – Listen to Last Week’s Show 8-1-15

The Captain was so wore out from his reecent fishing adventures, that he needed a much deserved vaca


Hot Start to August, But Great Fishing – Montana Fishing Reports 8-1-15

We got a little break in the heat, but it is back and the hoot owl restrictions are still in place o


Trappers Beer Cozy’s at NTA Nationals

The National Trappers Association annual Convention is being held in Hamburg, New York this weekend.

Cecil Lion

SCI Suspends Membership of Hunter and Professional Hunter Involved in Death of Cecil

With all the media attention about a wild lion given a name by tourists, much like wolves in Yellows


Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors (7.31.15)

Fishing: Streams are open and with the scattered storms in the forecast pressures have been up and d

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Wild Sheep Foundation moving to Bozeman: Brett French Radio Show Preview

One of the nation’s premier conservation groups is moving its headquarters from Cody, Wyo., to Boz

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Tune In for Some Fishing Talk on Catchin the Big Ones TODAY

Tune into Catchin the Big Ones with the Captain for the latest in fishing reports for Western

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Fishing in Montana

Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 7.27.15

With warm weather is here please be aware that it can be unpredictable.  Enjoy yourself but remembe

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Governor’s Cup Snapshot

Mike (Tank) Boyer, of Glasgow, was with his twin grandsons, Mack and Knox from Glenburn, North Dako

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