What a Wild Job: Brett French Radio Show Preview


As a 19-year-old college student in Colorado, Merv Coleman landed a sweet summer job in 1966 – patrolman in Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness. It was a learning experience for the Midwest farm boy to be cast out into the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, 30 miles from the nearest ranger station. On his first day in the wilderness, his […]

History in Billings’ Backyard: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Just downstream from Billings’ popular Riverfront Park along the Yellowstone River is a site that has now been recognized by the United States Board of Geographic Names as Clarks Crossing. The site, narrowed down to be close to an island across the river from the Billings Motorcycle Club, is where Sgt. Nathaniel Pryor and two other Corps of Discovery members crossed 26 […]

Backcountry Skier Exceeds Expectations: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Meeting Vasu Sojitra made me feel like a complete slacker. Sojitra is a 22-year-old college graduate and avid backcountry skier who recently relocated toBozeman to be closer to some prime skiing country. That in itself isn’t unusual, the draw of the mountains pulls many folks to Montana. What is different about Sojitra, though, is that he’s an […]

Angler Gets Wrong Kind of Bite: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Minnesota angler Kellen Bennett was packing a .45 caliber pistol when he flew into the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness last weekend to fly fish on the Selway River and nearby Moose Creek. He brought the pistol for protection against bears and rattlesnakes, but what he really needed was defense against a much smaller threat – a wasp. Bennett is allergic […]

Pack Your Own Raft: Brett French Radio Show Preview


If a recent trip down the South Fork of the Flathead River is any indication, packrafting is becoming an increasingly popular way for backpackers to carry the small boats into remote waters. At the headwaters of the river, deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, 10 packrafts converged in three separate groups at one time. Although a Flathead National Forest official […]

Bison Opponents, Proponents Craft Compromises: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Back to back meetings in Billings on Monday and Tuesday helped the Bison Discussion Group craft five alternatives, including a no-action alternative, for consideration by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. FWP is expected to release a draft environmental impact statement by this fall, followed by a 90 day comment period. Under consideration is releasing a group of bison as a […]

New Trail Honors Deceased Outdoorsman: Brett French Radio Show Preview


It’s not often that new trails get built in the woods of Montana. The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have enough work maintaining the existing trails, let alone adding more. So the fact that volunteers cooperated with federal and state agencies to get a new, albeit short, trail built to access a section […]

One Fly, One Lure, One Place: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Anglers around the state were asked to pick a favorite lure or fly and a top place to fish in this week’s Billings Gazette Outdoors section, and it’s no surprise that Fort Peck Reservoir was one of the most mentioned places. Techniques may differ, but for anglers looking for variety and big fish, Fort Peck draws anglers from […]

Have a Wet and Wild Weekend: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone. Hopefully the weather stays nice so folks can get out and do something fun. One suggestion is to take a whitewater rafting trip. The water is at the perfect level right now for a thrill ride down rivers like the upper Yellowstone, Gallatin, Stillwater, the Alberton Gorge on the Clarks […]

Crooked Creek: Where the Musselshell Meets the Missouri (Brett French Radio Show Preview)


A recent trip to the Crooked Creek recreation area was the realization of a long-held dream. OK, so most people may not think of Crooked Creek as dream worthy. After all, there’s a huge, shallow mudflat where the Musselshell River meets the Missouri in this remote part of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, about 50 miles north of […]

Arctic Grayling Populations Boosted through Study in Centennial Valley: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Lake-dwelling Arctic grayling are getting a little help from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks inMontana’s Centennial Valley. The fish are the last remaining natural population of adfluvial grayling in Montana, although their eggs have been spawned and the fry released in about 30 other lakes in the state. […]

Canyon Ferry’s Predacious Pike: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Readers of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show website have seen the photos of the huge pike that have been pulled out of Canyon Ferry Reservoir by Fish Wildlife and Parks’ fishery crews this spring. They have been huge! Yet the lake never stocked pike and has worked to remove the fish from the lake. The […]

Tongue River Reservoir is Full of Crappie: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Tongue River Reservoir still holds the Montana record for biggest black crappie. Could that fall this year? Well, according to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks fisheries manager Mike Backes, surveys of crappie in the popular south-central Montana reservoir last fall showed some fat fish. So even if the state record doesn’t fall, anglers have a good chance to catch […]

Setting the Story Straight: Brett French Radio Show Preview


It’s always surprising when one story can be told so differently by so many people. Such is the case with the tale of Margaret McDonald and the large grizzly bear she shot back in 1964. Two weeks ago, The Gazette published one version, and ever since I have heard from other people telling slightly different […]

You Think You’re Cold? – Brett French Radio Show Preview


You think you’re cold? Try living in a travel trailer at 9,000 feet in the Beartooth Mountains in the winter. That’s what Patrick Cross and Jake Kay are doing as they conduct research on red foxes this winter. The trailer is actually a pretty nice refuge from the cold, wind and snow, despite the fact that […]

Adventures in Winter Ecology: Brett French Radio Show Preview


What do you call the air space between the snow and the ground? It’s the subnivian space. That’s one of the things I learned while visiting the Bohart Ranch Cross Country Ski Area, located about 16 miles northeast of Bozeman, last week.The ranch has a great winter program for area schoolchildren that blends Nordic skiing […]

Jig’s Success Crimps Father-Son Team’s Fishing Time: Brett French Radio Show Preview


The father and son team of Kit and Trevor Johnson of Helena have proven the effectiveness of their Glass Minnow jigs time and time again with photos, videos and testimonials from their clients. The duo have been so successful in making and marketing the Kit’s Tackle jigs that they now have less time for fishing […]

Hunter and Angler Numbers on the Rise: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Hunter and angler numbers have risen in recent years, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s survey, but do you wonder why? Maybe not so surprisingly, part of the reason is because of the poor economy. When things were bad, folks who were unemployed or underemployed had more time to go fishing and hunting. […]

A Little Bit of Luck, A Little Bit of Skill: Brett French Radio Show Preview


After 40 years of hunting, it’s easy to assume that maybe I’ve developed some skills, that maybe I know what I’m doing. But wildlife continually surprise me, acting in unexpected ways. That was the case this fall when I was trying to fill my A tag. My friend and I had decided we would try […]

Shooting Star: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Former Billings resident and Olympian Pat Spurgin Pitney will be inaugurated into the USA Shooting Hall of Fame on Saturday in Colorado Springs, Colo. She joins two other Montanans in the hall, Lones Wigger and John Foster. She was coached in her early years by Billings resident and former All Air Force International Shooting Team […]