Brett French

Brett French presents: New access to Crazy Mountains

Thanks to an easement across three miles of privat

Brett French presents: Wounded grizzly still wandering Taylor Fork

A grizzly bear shot by a hunter during a surprise

Brett French presents: Hell ain’t a bad place to be

When a place is named Hellroaring, there’s a rea

Brett French presents: Helenan hikes to Montana’s 50 highest peaks

Summiting Montana’s 50 highest peaks is no easy

Brett French presents: Tourists love Yellowstone

You may have heard that visitation to Yellowstone

Brett French Presents: Revival of a Classic

Livingston’s Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop has receive

Brett French Presents: Wyoming passes CWD management plan

After a year of study and debate, the Wyoming Game

Brett French presents: A Wolf in Spider’s Clothing

On a recent camping trip to Fort Peck Reservoir my

Brett French presents: Bedeviled by Devil’s Creek

If your fishing was off a bit at Fort Peck Reservo

Brett French Presents: Trophy Canyon Ferry walleye highlights memorial

When a trophy walleye bites your bait following a

Brett French Presents: They call the river Marias

Way out West they have a name, for rain and wind a

Brett French Presents: Getting out of a sticky situation

The greasy clay found on some Eastern Montana road

Brett French Presents: No huge surge of traffic to Yellowstone

Three days into the limited opening of Yellowstone

Brett French Presents: Upgrading Pryor Mountain roads

A contractor is busily working in the Pryor Mounta

Brett French Presents: Big Sky Resort announces gradual reopening

Big Sky Resort will let golfers take a swing on Ma

Brett French Presents: Plague in Yellowstone Pumas

The same disease that caused millions of deaths ba

Brett French Presents: Frosty-colored elk are leucistic

There are some odd looking birds and beasts roamin