Brett French

Why the Smith River? (with Brett French)

To some people the Smith River is the crown jewel

From Bozeman to Red Lodge on Trails (by Brett French)

Last summer a trio of men ran, hobbled and walked

Firearm Education (by Brett French)

The debate over firearms has reached a high fever

“Tenth justice” of Supreme Court backs Crow Tribe (by Brett French)

In a legal brief that could lead to a U.S. Supreme

Yellowstone Bison Plan Outlined (by Brett French)

On Wednesday, Yellowstone National Park unveiled i

The Cost of Play (by Brett French)

We Montanans love to play in the woods. Hiking, hu

What an unusual shoreline find (by Brett French)

Imagine walking your dog along the shoreline of yo

Public land access case could set precedent (by Brett French)

A public land access case won by the Forest Servic

Lake dwelling grayling not faring too well (by Brett French)

A small population of native Arctic grayling that

Bighorn sheep transplants may be spreading pathogens (by Brett French)

Bighorn sheep have had a hard time in many areas o

Bozeman is golden for Paralympians (by Brett French)

Training in Bozeman paid off for three athletes wh

Snowmobiler rides out of avalanche (by Brett French)

Searching out untracked snow nearly proved disastr

No More Felt (by Brett French)

Yellowstone National Park anglers will have to lea

Montana makes most expensive land buy (by Brett French)

The State Land Board recently approved the most ex

Proposal Would Reroute Crazy Mountains Trail (by Brett French)

In a deal now undergoing public scrutiny, the Gall

Hot for Ice Climbing (by Brett French)

When it comes to unusual sports, there are few tha

Crow Tribe moves to hunt Yellowstone bison (by Brett French)

Moving in to what is already a crowded field, the

Talk about a sharp shooter! (by Brett French)

Back in 1959 when Remington Arms Co. employed trav

Yellowstone’s Northern Range Elk Herd Increases (by Brett French)

Flights over Yellowstone’s Northern Range elk he

Bighorn River anglers call river “in crisis” (by Brett French)

Bighorn River anglers have united with Montana U.S

A new advocate for Hell Creek State Park (by Brett French)

The former chairman for the Montana State Parks an

Unarmed but still shooting (by Brett French)

Paul Pawelko is a hunter and angler. He likes to s

The brucellosis issue (by Brett French)

Here it is in black and white, simply stated by Mo

CWD Hunts Proving Popular (by Brett French)

Once again Montanans, and nonresidents, have shown