Brett French

Hot for Ice Climbing (by Brett French)

When it comes to unusual sports, there are few tha

Crow Tribe moves to hunt Yellowstone bison (by Brett French)

Moving in to what is already a crowded field, the

Talk about a sharp shooter! (by Brett French)

Back in 1959 when Remington Arms Co. employed trav

Yellowstone’s Northern Range Elk Herd Increases (by Brett French)

Flights over Yellowstone’s Northern Range elk he

Bighorn River anglers call river “in crisis” (by Brett French)

Bighorn River anglers have united with Montana U.S

A new advocate for Hell Creek State Park (by Brett French)

The former chairman for the Montana State Parks an

Unarmed but still shooting (by Brett French)

Paul Pawelko is a hunter and angler. He likes to s

The brucellosis issue (by Brett French)

Here it is in black and white, simply stated by Mo

CWD Hunts Proving Popular (by Brett French)

Once again Montanans, and nonresidents, have shown

A Historical Hunt (by Brett French)

Montana has a long history of hunting, from early

Debate Over Elk Shoulder Season Heats Up (by Brett French)

Elk shoulder seasons seem to gradually be reducing

Chronic wasting disease hunt approved (by Brett French)

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission has appro

Over-the-hill gang takes new way up

Some of you may be able to relate to these guys’

Archery Hunting Dilemma (by Brett French)

Bowhunting is a tough sport. Archers may put in a

That May Not Be A Coyote (by Brett French)

Swift foxes, tiny natives of Montana that are smal

Land exchange would benefit elk, other wildlife-by Brett French

Land exchanges take a long time, but one that’s

Where Have All the Bison Gone? (by Brett French)

Yellowstone National Park’s bison seem to be red

The Right Place at the Right Time (by Brett French)

Colstrip hunter Garth Sessions knows how to spin a

Does this bass make my head look small? (by Brett French)

As listeners to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show wil

The Agony of a Missed Shot (by Brett French)

Just ask the Captain, missing an elk when shooting

Elk appreciation week (by Brett French)

Considering all of the frustration elk have dealt

Bugle Corps (by Brett French)

Whether you are an elk hunter or simply like to wa

70 year old keeps tagging trophies (by Brett French)

Bill Butler has had a hankering to hunt ever since

Boards Add New Twist to Golf (by Brett French)

I know it’s archery season and you’d rather re