Brett French

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Some of you may be able to relate to these guys’

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Bowhunting is a tough sport. Archers may put in a

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Swift foxes, tiny natives of Montana that are smal

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Land exchanges take a long time, but one that’s

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Yellowstone National Park’s bison seem to be red

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Colstrip hunter Garth Sessions knows how to spin a

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As listeners to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show wil

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Just ask the Captain, missing an elk when shooting

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Whether you are an elk hunter or simply like to wa

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I know it’s archery season and you’d rather re

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It took more than two years but a popular route th

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There is a small group of mostly Montana craftsman

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Changes are afoot for Montana State Parks, but wha

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A deal to allow the Yellowstone River to roam betw

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The Boulder River, which flows from the Absaroka a

Get Ready for a Once In A Lifetime Experience!

Ditching class at Bozeman Senior High School may n

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If you are sweltering in the summer heat, maybe a

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If you talk to folks from out of state, they think

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Harold McCracken built up an impressive list of jo

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When a grizzly bear is shot by a hunter, because i

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Ever seen a pronghorn chase a badger? Neither had

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There’s something about a good knife with a shar

Big Trout Take a Hit on Yellowstone River (by Brett French)

Fish, Wildlife and Parks has released information