Brett French

A Little Humor for you Beach Lovers (by Brett French)

Many of us like to spend time on the beach fishing

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Many Montanans may not know it, but Montana State

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Now that the state’s lawmakers are through for a

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The Bighorn River’s been subjected to some wildl

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If you’ve ever wondered why you should bother fi

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The Montana Legislature has been trying to figure

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Imagine being able to fly above Yellowstone Nation

Working up a Sweat (by Brett French)

After a hard day of working, hunting, skiing or sn

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The Yellowstone cutthroat trout is so important to

Virtual fence to be tested on cattle (by Brett French)

What if cattle could be contained without a fence?

Scientist raises questions about CWD’s cause (by Brett French)

It has been pretty accepted science that chronic w

A First-Person Account of a Grizzly Mauling (by Brett French)

Brad Johnson was attacked by one or two grizzlies

Increasing Your Hunting Skills (by Brett French)

A class being offered in three Montana cities this

Counting Rings on a Paddlefish (by Brett French)

Take a look at this photograph. It looks like the

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A rustic cabin in the Tom Miner Basin, just west o

Montana’s 2nd largest landowners selling 4 ranches (by Brett French)

If you’re looking to buy some property in Montan

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If you’re a cross country skier looking for new

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When the traffic backs up in Yellowstone National

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Are walleye a Montana native? Should you care? A f

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Despite the best efforts of some conservation grou

Trying to Contain Chronic Wasting Disease (by Brett French)

In what could be the first of many such moves, Mon

Invasive Brown Trout? (by Brett French)

Although Montana anglers love their brown trout be