Bull Elk

Bugle Corps (by Brett French)

Whether you are an elk hunter or simply like to wa

Playing Chicken with a Bull Elk

When the bulls are rutting…they tend to get

Attention Hunters…

If you lose sign of your animal while you’re

Another Montana Bull Elk Down!

Congratulations to Mike Davis who recently got him

Dead Bull Elk Almost Kills Hunter

An Oregon hunter, Gary Heeter, was dragging his ve

Bull Down!

Braiden Schreckendgust got his first bull–an

2017 Opening Day Archery Success!

A huge congratulations to William Swanson, as he t

Bull Elk Destroys HHR in Collision

As we all know, living among wildlife, there are s

Kentucky Hunters Fined $30,000 for Poaching Elk on TV

Ricky Mills and Jimmy Duncan were charged Monday f

Helena Hunter Bags Nice Bull Last November

After 7 years of trying, Jim Willard from Helena w

Snowmobiles Make Some Wildlife Curious… [VIDEO]

You just never know what you will find when you

Bull Elk Fight Buffalo

We know this video is a re-run, but it came across

Bull Elk and Stag Buck Antler Lock [VIDEO]

What a cool site this would be to see in person. I

Bull Elk Goes Shopping In Colorado Gift Shop

A bull elk in Estes Park Colorado was entertaining

Montana Bowhunter Kills Record Breaking Bull Elk

Montana bowhunter Steve Felix shot a bull elk on p

Bull Elk Killed, Left to Waste in the Bear Paw Mountains

FWP is seeking information from the public about a

Montana Bachelor Party

Dean Leiniger of Billings took this photo the firs

Wolf Point Elk Wonders

Steve Harada and Ted Toavs from Wolf Point bagged

Nice Montana Bull!

Justin White of Missoula shot one heck of a bull a

Filling the Freezer!

Bob Windemaker is happy that he put meat in his fr

Another Montana Bull Down!

Keyvin Weber, of Missoula, will have a full freeze

Lance Jones Bags Bull at Over 750 Yards!

Lance Jones, of Stevensville, got himself a nice b

Bull Elk Poached and Left to Waste Earlier This Month in Blaine County

Montana FWP is looking for information in regards

Bull Elk Beheaded and Left for Waste in Elkhorn Mountains

Montana FWP is seeking info regarding the headless

13 Year-Old Bags First Bull by 8am on Opening Day

Mike Violette, an avid sportsman and native Montan