elk herd

HUGE Montana elk herd

What’s not to love about seeing a HUGE elk h

Montana Elk Herd [VIDEO]

Who doesn’t love looking at Montana elk herd

Elk Herd in Western Montana Footage [VIDEO]

Never gets old.  This is always good to see in Mo

Huge Montana Elk Herd [VIDEO]

Now, this is a beautiful sight to see!  This vide

Elk Herd with All Bulls

It’s always awesome to see bull elk…es

The Little One that Could

If you have seen this video of a big ol herd of el

Migratory Elk Herd Near Cody Declines: Brett French Radio Show Preview

Scientists have documented a decline in the number

Cow Elk Gets “Tired” in Colorado

Unfortunately, wild animals don’t always ste


(Photo courtesy of Montie and Louie) Just outside