Deadline for FWP fish photo/art contest is Oct. 16

There is still a month left to create your best ar

Big brown from a boulder [VIDEO]

This is just one of those videos that is cool to w

Big Fish Week on Flathead Lake

Matt from Mo Fisch Charters is catching big lake t

Crappie catch becomes HUGE!

Crappie catch turns into something bigger!!

Walleye Cakes Recipe [VIDEO]

Oooooh, when you catch walleye, and all you can th

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Recipe

Short and sweet – sweet and sour fish recipe

Smashed Walleye Burger Recipe

Yum, yum, yum!  If you’re looking for somet

Underwater Pike Footage [VIDEO]

Underwater video footage is just cool. It’s

Turn Your Catch into Fish Sticks! [VIDEO]

Got fish? Here is a great way to enjoy it.  If fi

Alligator Gar to be reintroduced in Illinois

Did you hear what is happening in Illinois?  What

Last Weekend Information for Mack Days

Reminders: Mack Days Last Weekend There will be no

Rock Creek Walleye Tourney is a Go!

Steve Harada, the tournament director of the Rock

Fort Peck Fishing Success!

MORS listener Dan Long sent us this great picture

FWP Survey Re: Arctic Grayling Catches

If you catch an Arctic Grayling while fishing in M

All about Pike!

DID YOU KNOW? The scientific name for pike is Esox

Simple Smoked Trout Recipe [VIDEO]

Here is a super simple smoked trout recipe for tho

Have you wondered if it is illegal to own a pet bass?

People are curious by nature.  Some curiosity is

Nice Smally Out of Flathead Lake

Cory Carlson got this in East Bay today while perc

Fish for Dinner! (by Montana Grant)

I found a pack of brook trout filets in my freezer

Montana Fishing Report and Video from Team Hippie Fish March 2020

Are you looking for fish and starting to believe t

Donald Trump Jr. Catching and Releasing the Big Ones

In out-of-state news, Donald Trump Jr. recently we

Gigantic rainbow trout [VIDEO]

This isn’t from Montana, but if you like big