Will the Captain get his Elk This Year?


The Captain will be heading to hunt again this year with Burke Ranch Outtfitters over in eastern Montana. It looks like it will be a fun trip over to Malta where he is meeting the boys from Burke Ranch. That is because Trampus and Staci Corder of Clearwater Properties Real Estate in Fort Benton http://cmpmontana.com/clearwater-montana-properties-fort-benton […]

You Might See Easton Corbin Hunting in Montana next Month


Easton Corbin is a pretty big country singer these days and is best known for songs including “A Little More Country than That” and, more recently, “All Over the Road”.  Not only is he an A-list country singer, but, according to a recent interview with Field & Stream, he is quite the hunter, too! According […]

Elk Horns Area Hunter Bags Bull with Awesome Elk Horns


Sam Whitney, from Turah, was one of Montana’s successful archery hunters this season.  He got his bull (pictured below) near the Elk Horns, not far from Helena, this past Saturday. Congratulations to you, Sam, from the Montana Outdoor Radio Show crew!  What a beauty! (Information via Berny Croy; Photo credit: Scott Allen)

Recapping Bruce Stell’s Elk Hunt of a Lifetime: Captain’s Column


It started back in February, when Bruce Stell, from Missoula, who is a rifle hunter, decided that he wanted get back into bow hunting after 15 years. Stell is 67 years old and retired. For the next few months, he dedicated his time to focus on practicing with his bow. By late spring, Stell felt […]

Talking to Bulls–Practice Makes Perfect


Elk bugling requires knowledge, skill and practice.  I have witnessed some incredibly amazing bugles, coming from hunters, that even sounded better than the actual bull bugles-ha. Everybody has their own tips and tricks on how to call in a bull, but a successful bugle ultimately comes down to sounding just like a bull, rather than […]

Montana Hunter Shoots 354-Class Bull After Cow Elk Licks His Face


Yesterday afternoon, at Don’s Store in Lewistown, Montana, a customer, from Oklahoma, stopped by and told his hunting story to the staff there.  He talked about how he shot a 354-class bull elk that morning in the Missouri Breaks. Apparently, while the hunter was waiting for the bull to come into shooting range, a cow […]

Montana Hunter Bags a Big Bull with a Bow in the Big Hole


We asked for your opening weekend of Montana bow hunting season success stories, and we got a really good one! It’s one thing to be successful on opening day of archery season in big sky country, but how about bagging an unofficially gross-scoring bull elk of 367 4/8 successful?  That is exactly what Randy Rowe, […]

Competitive Shooter to Give Bowhunting a Shot: Brett French Radio Show Preview


Julie Golob is a top shot. She’s the captain of the Smith & Wesson shooting team, competed on the U.S. Army marksmanship squad and has won top honors in several action pistol shooting events. About five years ago, Golob moved to Glasgow with her husband and began raising a family. Since then, she’s been dabbling […]



(photo courtesy of savethefront.org)   It’s that time, hunters!  You can now check your special drawing status online by clicking the following link on the FWP website: http://fwp.mt.gov/hunting/licensedraw/drawingStatus.html I’m so excited about this that I posted this article before even checking my own, so I’m going to keep this short. Check back to montanaoutdoor.com for […]

Elk Traffic Jam and Bear Attacks, What a Week! Here is Your MORS Weekly Wrap Up


Spring is slow to arrive around Montana and with every promising sunny warm day comes a two to three day stretch of snow flurries and overcast skies. But as true outdoorsmen, a little unpredictable weather doesn’t stop us from enjoying what we love. Anglers are hoping for a bit warmer weather to enhance  conditions but […]