MORS Weekly Wrap Up


Montana Outdoor’s Top Stories of the Week:  Montana Rattlesnake Den Up Close…Maybe Too Close for Comfort…see the video here. CSKT, FWP Issue Lake Trout Consumption Guidelines for Flathead Lake…read more here. Doesn’t Anybody Work Anymore? Captain had Great Success on Flathead Lake’s East Bay…read about it here. Good Ol Montana Bass Fishing…read where here. Tongue River […]

International Wildlife Film Festival This Week in Missoula


The 37th annual International Wildlife Film Festival kicks off with WildFest and WildWalk in Downtown Missoula and Caras Park TODAY April 13. Don’t miss an unforgettable eight days of award winning wildlife films at the Roxy Theater day and night and a stellar line up of filmmaker presentations as well. According to Wikipedia: The film festival […]

“Ghost Moose” Emerging from Woods this Spring


No they aren’t vampire or zombie moose, but they may as well be among those categories because these moose are being tortured and sucked dry by ticks. A single moose can carry more than 100,000 of these bloodsucking moose ticks, and according to New Hampshire moose project leader Kristine Rines,  sometimes these anemic, infested animals are […]

Montana Fishing Film Festival This Saturday in Missoula


Fishing film festivals and tours are like a Spring flu epidemic that travels through Montana every year. The only difference is the “sick” fishing action featured in these films is most likely something Montanans will never see except on the big screen. And sure, that’s great, it’s like that with ski films too.  I can […]

UPPER MADISON RIVER FISHING REPORT-04-10-14 (by Michael Stack of FishTales Outfitting LLC)


CONDITIONS: FLOW Current Madison River flows Hebgen Dam 963 cfs Kirby 1,040 cfs Varney 1,210 cfs VISIBILITY Very clear at 3+ feet. The Upper Madison remains closed from Quake Lake downstream to McAtee Fishing Access Site (FAS) and again from Ennis FAS downstream to Ennis Lake FAS until the general season opener Saturday May 17th. […]

New Fees for Moose, Sheep, Goat Hunting Apps


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials remind hunters applying for moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat licenses that they will see changes in fees as a result of state legislation adopted last year. In past years, hopeful resident hunters were required to submit $75 with their application for a $125 license, plus pay a $5 […]

Grizzly Captured Near Eureka & Released at Glacier National Park


According to FWP Bear and Lion Specialist Erik Wenum, a 6 year old 340-pound male grizzly bear was captured on April 6 south of Eureka.  FWP was assisted by USDA Wildlife Services personnel in capturing the grizzly. The grizzly was implicated in a calf depredation that occurred on April 2.  The bear had been previously […]

Montana State Bird Added to Songbirds Forever USPS Stamp Collection


Get excited bird lovers and stamp collectors, the United States Postal Service has added Montana state bird, the Western Meadowlark, as the most recent addition to the Songbirds Forever Stamp Collection. The buoyant, flutelike melody of the Western Meadowlark ringing out across a field can brighten anyone’s day. Meadowlarks are often more easily heard than […]

Silence is Golden-a Word on Suppressors with Colonel Smoothbore


I have incurred a fair amount of hearing loss, and I suffer from tinnitus; ringing, in my left ear. While shooting may be responsible for some of my hearingloss, most of my hearing problems have an occupational cause; I have attended auctions one to three times a week for over 40 years. I didn’t use […]

BIG HOLE RIVER FISHING REPORT-4-03-14 (by FishTales Outfitting, LLC)

This Big Hole River brown fell to a Pat’s Rubber legged stone fly nymph.

CONDITIONS: FLOW Current Big Hole River flows Maiden Rock 481 cfs Melrose 596 cfs Glen 553 cfs VISIBILITY Good 3+ feet. Visibility is still good but better from Melrose upstream. 2+ feet further down near Pennington Bridge. Currently river flows have dropped as evening temperatures below freezing are keeping flows fairly low, clear and stable. […]



Report compiled by Carol Henckel Please be advised weather is changing constantly and some days wind and snow can be a big factor. Ice conditions are dangerous as Spring weather is unpredictable. Enjoy yourself but remember alcohol alters your judgment so use it sparingly while enjoying the outdoors.  Keep an eye on the weather while you are out there […]

Muskrats Can Keep You Warm!


Muskrats are rodents that wreak havoc in irrigation ditches and ponds that ranchers use to irrigate their crops and water their livestock.  Among some of the destruction they cause, extensive burrowing into ditch banks, which can cause the loss of stored water, and destroying the roots of vegetation with their eating habits are a very […]

Photographer Jason Savage Shares his Outdoor Images of Montana


Montana draws in thousands of tourist each year seeking its outdoor  beauty, but few can capture that beauty on camera quite like photographer Jason Savage. Based in Helena, Montana, Jason works as a freelance and commercial photographer, specializing in travel and outdoor photography. His work has been featured in National Geographic Traveler, Time, Outside, Audubon, […]

UPPER MADISON RIVER FISHING REPORT 3.27.14 (by Michael Stack of FishTales Outfitting LLC)


CONDITIONS: FLOW Current Madison River flows Hebgen Dam 942 cfs Kirby Ranch 1,020 cfs Varney Bridge 1,150 cfs Madison River rainbow’s like this are a lot of fun to try and hold on to. VISIBILITY Very good at 4 feet. Current Madison River flows out of Hebgen Dam have been increased by 10% to make […]

Freezout Lake Snow Goose Migration at its Peak


Calling all waterfowl watchers, now is the time to follow the flock to Freezout Lake near Choteau, Montana where the yearly migration of thousands of Snow Geese is at its peak. Every March Snow Geese usually reach Freezeout Lake, where they rest up from a nearly 1,000 mile flight from California. Best viewing of the birds […]

On This Day in History…. March 26, 1832


“The mighty American Fur Company adopts the latest in transportation technology to its business, dispatching the company’s new steamboat Yellowstone to pick up furs in Montana.” Take a look at the summary of what happened on this day, March 26th, back  in 1832: A decade earlier, John Jacob Astor had formed the Western Department of […]

Float Smart Workshop Seminar in Kalispell Next Week


Float Smart Workshop Seminar Montana, USA FLOAT SMART Saturday, April 5 at 11:00am – 12:00pm The Float Smart Workshop Seminar is in its third year across Montana as we travel to Kalispell, Helena, and Whitehall, MT this season. Since the program’s introduction in 2012, the FS seminar has brought awareness to inflatable pontoon boating and […]