Our 10th year on the radio
By Hookemharry

Posted: January 12, 2008

The first of the year brings with it new challenges and new beginnings. If you are like me, you have spent the better part of the past few days of the New Year organizing and planning.

With the Montana Outdoor Radio Show starting its 10th year on the air this process has been even more involved.

The challenge for us on the weekly hunting and fishing radio show is to try and give our listeners as much information every week as possible.

If the sportsmen and women who listen to our radio show and log onto our web site are able to put into play at least one thing that they have heard or learned on the radio show or read on our web site www.montanaoutdoor.com, then we have achieved what we have set out to do.

One way that we accomplish this is by partnering up with other media outlets and the talented people that work for these companies. One of the companies is the Montana Sporting Journal, which is based in Lewistown.

The magazine, which comes out six times a year, produces excellent articles and photography on hunting and fishing opportunities in the state. It is coming up on its first t year anniversary and has certainly made a lot of progress since the first publication, which was also very good to start with.

As this magazine has evolved throughout last year, it has picked different angles to entice more readership. One of the features they just came out with in their latest issue is a Gear Review segment.

What I like about this segment is they have teamed up with another Montana company. That company is www.montanatest.com According to the article, MontanaTest.com is the country’s leading outdoor product testing site and goes on to say “not only is MontanaTest.com an unbiased voice for the reader. They are also a Montana-based company, so we know they are testing gear in the field and in the streams, where it counts.”

I log onto their web site and the list of manufactures whose products that they are testing is a long one. Names that the outdoors person will instantly recognize include Coleman, Benelli, Danner, Savage, Teva, Thule, Under Armor, Remington, Winchester, and LaCrosse just to name a few.

When they review a product, they give the consumer a Recommended Buy or Not. They rate the product and give the price range. Each review also comes with Highlights and Drawbacks; both usually are about a paragraph in length.

It just might be another avenue for you to evaluate a product before you put your hard-earned money down to buy it. After all, how many times have we asked each other the question while we are out in the field or on the water, “Do you think anybody back at the factory actual used this product out in the field?”

Another magazine that www.montanatest.com carry some of their reviews is the Big Sky Outdoor News and Adventure Magazine which you can pick up free at many locations across the state.

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