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Luckie’s video great for river anglers
By Hookemharry

Posted: January 27, 2010

Every once in a while, a product comes out that both makes a lot a sense and makes you wonder why it hasn’t come out before. That, in my opinion, is what “River Box Dance,” the new DVD from Montana fisherman Luckie Bethel, is all about for river fisherman.

Montana has some outstanding river fishing, but there hasn’t ever been much in the way of information on how to fish the lower reaches of these rivers for catfish, bass, walleye, or northern pike.

This DVD is full of basic “how to” information for anglers. In fact the only “show-biz” aspect of the DVD is the name. River Box Dance will give you a complete lesson on boat prep, navigation and fishing techniques that are geared just for river fishermen.

For example, Bethel starts with showing you how he would suggest you equip your boat. “Most anglers think that the only way to navigate a river is with a jet boat,” Bethel says, “but that is not true because you can also do it with a 12-14 foot aluminum boat that is powered by an outboard with a prop.”

All of his advice comes from his experiences while fishing on Montana’s rivers first when he was based out of Great Falls and now in Billings. “One time, I was changing my prop on a river bank after it hit a rock and a guy pulls up and ask me what I was doing,” Bethel recounted, “I told him I was changing my prop again.” The friendly fisherman then proceeded to give Bethel a tip on how to keep his prop intact.

“He told me to just clamp a pitch fork around the bottom of my outboards lower unit and it will help protect my prop from the river rocks.”

Bethel, who is in the Montana Walleye Hall of Fame, says he aims to show anglers of all skill levels how to maximize their river boat fishing experience.

“I have had the opportunity to fish with some really good partners in walleye tournaments over the years,” he said.

He shows anglers how to select a fishing rod and then how to match the rod with a reel and what strength and color of fishing line to use, what type and size of jig and even how to bait the jig. “All of the equipment you use whether it is on your boat, in your hand or in the water is important for you to have a productive time on the water.”

Bethel is very detailed in the DVD on how to navigate rivers with your boat, how to read rivers for fishing hot spots, and and how to fish those spots, which is where the title of the DVD came from. “That is where all the preparation comes in to play,” Bethel says. “When you find the fish in a spot in the river that is when you start the River Box Dance.”

To find out more about the $19.00 River Box Dance DVD go to Bethel’s Web site at www.river-tech.com.

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