Slow-cooked Rabbit Fettuccine
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 31, 2010

What you need.

One cleaned and cut up rabbit

Four tablespoons olive oil

One small onion chopped

Three cloves minced garlic

Half cup fresh sweet basil – chopped

Half cup sliced celery

Half pound fresh mushrooms – stemmed and cut in half

One fifteen ounce can chopped tomatoes

One twenty eight ounce can tomato sauce

One teaspoon course ground pepper

One pound fettuccine

Freshly grated romano or parmesan cheese


What you do.

In a large crock pot place the rabbit pieces, that have been prepared by rubbing each piece, with the minced garlic.

Next pour the olive oil over the rabbit followed by the chopped tomatoes, basil, onions, celery, and tomato sauce. Finally, add the mushrooms and pepper to taste. Put the lid on pot, turn on crock pot and dish will be done when you get home from work.

When you get home cook pasta and drain, put on large serving platter, arrange rabbit over the fettuccine and cover with the sauce from crock pot. Fresh Italian bread and a glass of wine go well with this treasured dish.

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