Sweet Sicilian Salsa And Cajun Rub
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 31, 2010

Sweet Sicilian Salsa

Four large tomatoes peeled and diced with juices

Two ounces fresh sweet basil coarsely chopped

Quarter cup olive oil

Quarter cup water

Five cloves garlic chopped fine

Half teaspoon course ground black pepper

Half teaspoon salt – more if you deem necessary


Mix well all the above ingredients and let set at room temp for one hour. Use as a dip for your broiled steaks. You also can baste your steaks while cooking. A very tasty salsa that can be not only used for big game but is great on chops or game birds as well.


Cajun Rub

Two teaspoons garlic powder

One teaspoon ground red pepper

Two tablespoons paprika

One teaspoon ground black pepper

One teaspoon thyme

One teaspoon dry oregano

Half teaspoon salt


Rub steaks well before frying in olive oil and cooking to medium. Not for the faint of palate. Any rub will keep well in a dry air tight container for later use.

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