MT SFW – Wolf Hunting Contest
By Matt Schauer

Posted: December 20, 2011

ATTENTION WOLF HUNTERS – Montana Wolf Hunting Photo Contest

Win $100 and an annual membership, to Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, by submitting a photo from your successful wolf hunt. Tell your friends!

Photo must meet following rules and qualifications:

  • Photos must be of a successful wolf hunt and show the tag with number.
  • Photos must be of good quality so they can be re-published and posted on MT-SFW website.
  • Photos must be of a wolf harvested between December 19th and the close of the season or quota being filled.
  • Photographers must acknowledge that MT-SFW has all rights to reproduce and publish the photos as it sees appropriate.
  • Photographers must acknowledge that the photo was taken of a wolf harvested in an open WMU.
  • Photographers must acknowledge that all laws and hunting regulations were followed
  • Only one award per successful wolf hunt photo
  • Caption information should be included – the date, time, place, and the person(s) in the photo
  • Overall best photo qualifies for additional prize

For receipt of prize, please send your photos and acknowledgment of the rules to:

Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
P.O. BOX 2243
Missoula, MT 59806

Follow this link to visit the Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife website.

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