Golden Stone Fly
By Scott Anderson

Posted: January 27, 2012

Today, I let my little two year old daughter Cora aid at the fly tying bench. You can imagin how that went. But we pushed through the stress. We took several breaks to clean the walls of crayon circle and had a time out or two, but it was a successful day spent with family.

The golden stone fly is a smaller salmon fly in my book. They come in many ranges of color and size. One should have a variety of patterns when they explore the rivers of Montana. The local flyshops of Missoula, Montana have many patterns that work quite well. I chose to tie my own to ensure that the crafty trout get to see something that looks a little different.

I take deer hair and mix food color dyes together to get the mix that looks good to me. I dip the elk hair in the dye and let it dry for one week to ensure it is absorbed into the hair. This way it will not seape out of the hair and the EPA does not get mad at me for releasing dyes into the watersheds of Montana. Lol….


Golden stone

Pattern name GOLDYILOCKS

Bullet head style

Hook size 8 to 6

Elk hair Maine died

Grizzly hackle brown

Wing tan elk hair for high visibility for anglers


I start by wrapping the hook shank with thread. Then stack the hair and tie it in backwards to the eye of the hook. Then I push the dyed elk hair backward on the hook and make a little plump head and wrap to secure. Then create my body by making a criss-cross pattern down the body of the fly and back unto the head. Secure the thread and then tie the wing in halfway down the body. I then tie in the grizzly hackle and wrap toward the head of the fly. I stop about 3/16 of an inch and secure the hackle. This allows the head to be expose well in the profile of the fly. It gives a life like profile that the trout find irresistible! Remember to add just a dab of shalack to the body of the died elk hair only. This will make the fly last a long time. Cut the underside of the hackle flat to ensure that the fly floats flat on the h2o.


Fish this fly on the dead drift or twitch it across the top of the water.

I always use natural materials tie my flies. I gather them myself, but all the fly shops in Missoula, Montana have a wonderful selection of what you need to do this pattern. Please stop in and tell them Scott sent ya.

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