Thunder Ridge Kennels
By Matt Schauer

Posted: January 31, 2012

In the coming weeks on Leonard Houser of Thunder Ridge Kennels in Billings will be offering weekly tips on training your hunting dog from a puppy to field ready.

Here is a little more about Leonard and Thunder Ridge Kennels that he owns and runs with his wife Laura.

Thunder Ridge Kennels is located in Billings, MT.  Leonard Houser is owner/trainer.  Leonard trains retrievers for hunting, but has also trained for and participated in field trials.  Leonard trains every retriever to the best of his ability, so each dog has the opportunity to reach his maximum potential for hunting or competition.  Instruction and moderate pressure are the key points the dog will be exposed to in order to gain confidence in the ability to perform various hunting styles.  Obedience and manners are instilled in every dog being trained, as well as marking, teaching the dog to navigate to the fallen bird through various cover and water and moderate pressure to build the dogs confidence and keeping him enthusiastic.

Leonard has 25 years of experience in the training field and knows the strengths and weaknesses of each dog he trains, thus working on the weaknesses or adapting different styles of learning for each individual dog.  Leonard is known for his training abilities throughout the United States and is known for getting good results with all types of mannerisms and different dog breeds.  Leonard provides a flexible program to meet the needs of the dogs.

Thunder Ridge Kennels is a safe, clean, comfortable place for the dogs.  The training grounds are remarkable and give every dog the opportunity to be educated in various types of cover, including water.  The dogs have a large exercise area where they can enjoy being outdoors and also have some time to play.

Thunder Ridge Kennels is a training and boarding facility.  The kennel has indoor/outdoor runs; heated floors for cold conditions and houses for each dogs comfort.  For questions with training or boarding, Leonard can be reached at or (406) 860-1654.

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