A Day on Thompson River
By Scott Anderson

Posted: February 9, 2012

I was able to find some time to make my way to the Thompson River. Trudging throughout two feet of frozen crusty snow. I made it to the rivers edge. I found a great hole with great structure for trout habitat. The first cast was well places into a back eddy rolling off a big log dipping into the river. Pow! I stuck this nice brown. I noticed the two talon marks on his back. He was a warrior. It was a pleasure releasing this fine fish back to natures currents. I caught may more fish today. The san Juan worm was the fly of choice. I did try a size 4 parts rubber legs. I caught more fish. I think that they were just very hungry.


Montana fishing company Is doing spring trips on Noxon for pike on the fly.


Remember to be safe out in the wild this time of year. Not too may of us are out there chasing trout. You can get yourself in danger pretty fast. Hypothermia can set in with in within minutes. Always tell others where you are going and when you will be back.


Scott Anderson

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