Butte and Bozeman Sport Report 2/10/2012
By Kjel

Posted: February 11, 2012

NO freezing weather predicted for the upcoming week, tho we look forward to some weekend SNOW…still a CRAZY BIG amount of open water, with isolated slush and ice chunks along the banks of MOST local rivers…took a JAUNT along the YELLOWSTONE last weekend & can safely report that it is boat-fishable in many areas & certainly wadeable from Livingston to Billings & beyond…& not as heavily-trafficked as the portions from Livingston to Gardner, where similar conditions exist. If you head to the STONE, bring along your Gnats & Midge Emergers, as well as DARK COLORED Rubberlegs & Crayfish nymphs. The GALLATIN is a wading paradise too, lock in your BLACK or BROWN Rubberlegs or a SILVER Lightning Bug for some excellent Nymphing here! On the UPPER MADDY, get your game on up by Reynolds Pass, there’s just a few weeks left of available fishing here…it’s SNOWY tho, so dress warm and prepare to slosh thru some white stuff! In the afternoons, GOOD midge activity both on top and underneath has been reported! I’d let the BOULDER go for right now, maybe head for the BEAVERHEAD (below Pipe Organ) or LOWER MADDY…the water levels are better, bring your SCUDS or SOW BUGS, or DARK EGGHEAD STONES & have a successful day!

As for where the ICE is THICK, we like DELMOE, the RUBY RESERVOIR, & the old standbys GEORGETOWN & HYALITE. Stick to the DARKS here too…our best bet is a jig tipped with a Curly Tail of your choice in MOTOR OIL or DARK GREEN! Or go for a Cerise Glo Hook tipped with maggots! Try EARLY IN THE DAY at DELMOE or RUBY, & NIGHTS at GEORGETOWN for Kokanee salmon! As ALWAYS, use caution on the ice, wherever you go!

Skiers, it’s snowing at BRIDGER right now, and they are steadily increasing their base, up to 37” at present! All lifts & trails open. MOONLIGHT & BIG SKY predict 5-9 inches of snow over the weekend. DISCOVERY has a 36” base & 50-plus inches at the top, is getting snow currently & is fully operational.

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Provided by: ANGIE from Bob Ward & Sons

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