Coyote Calling Techniques
By Matt Schauer

Posted: February 17, 2012

    Calling All Coyotes!

Have you been noticing that most coyotes that you are trying to call in are getting a little call shy.  They come in to about 300 yards and then just stop.  The reason for this is that the coyotes are getting educated quickly to distinct calls.  

Cotton tail in distress, or jack rabbit in distress are the main calls guys are using to call them in. Well here is what we have been doing to get them in close.  Yes we use a jack rabbit call, but as the coyotes are getting close, we will throw in a few soft barks or yelps.  This seems to calm their nerves and gives them the sense of mind it is OK to come in the rest of the way.

We all know guys are out hitting it hard, but just like other animals, after being shot at a few times they wise up quickly.  Also, since they are breeding right now, we are using a female invite call as well.

SO, keep these tips in mind when you are out on your next coyote hunting adventure and check out for more hunting information.

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