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Posted: February 22, 2012

Please be advised that ice conditions can change daily so please call the contact person in the area you are planning on fishing for current daily information. Also use extreme caution on the ice at all times. Good Luck Fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.

***Bill -Rock Creek Marina 1-406-485-2560

Back Bay has Ice 5-15 inches. “they are catching lots of perch on Nelson. They are ¾ to 1 pound in size” reports Bill of Rock creek Marina. Not seeing any walleyes being caught. “They are catching Northerns on the point in the bay. Mostly 3 to 5 pounders. They are using 4 wheelers but you’ve got to be careful,” he said

***Bob-Bob’s Bait Shop 1-406- 429-2086

Crooked Creek Fort Peck Reservoir

. “The ice is 13 to 18 inches in the Bay” Bob says, “ The temps during the day have been 30 to 40 degrees and are cold in the teens at night so the ice is staying the same. We are seeing some Northerns. Fishermen are catching perch and even coming back for some more minnows. The Missouri River channel is still real thin. It just is not safe! Don’t go there,

***Bob Peterson-

Tongue River Reservoir

The ice is at 10 inches with the warm weather . They have caught a few perch and a few walleye but slow action.

***Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina 1-406- 557-2345

Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

Fishermen are catching northerns. We have seen 5 to 10 pounders. Walleye fishing is slow. Not many perch caught. Ice depths by the marina are 10 to 12 inches. They are catching the fish a couple feet off the bottom using live minnows and tip ups. Ice is 6 inches in the Bay. Be careful no matter where you go on Fort Peck . There are definitely pressure ridges on the ice way out.

***Gene Moore Lake ridge Motel 1-406-526-3597

Fort Peck Reservoir Dam/Bear Creek/Pines/

Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says, “ The ice is still not great. The river dredge cuts are fishing fairly well. Minnows are working on tip ups and some are jigging . The bays have 10 to 14 inches. There is open water at Bear Creek. The middle of the lake is open and dangerous

***West Side Sports –Dan 1-406-654-1611

Nelson, Forchette

Dan at West Side Sports tells us.” Perch fishing is good at Nelson . Walleye fishing is slow. We are seeing Northerns but they are smaller. Ice safety is still a concern . People are using live minnows . He suggests not taking pickups on the ice. People seem to be staying off Forchette Bay. We haven’t heard reports of people fishing there. Call for conditions as they change quickly ,” Dan said

*** Silos Marina Sharon 266-3100

Canyon Ferry

“ Trout fishing is great. They are using worm and, dark colored flies in blue or black ”, Sharon said. The ling are beginning to move getting ready to spawn and people are catching some. They are moving to the South West end. Walleye have not increased they are catching the usual. Ice is 15 inches thick and in better shape. “People are catching perch but they have gone deeper, 40 to 60 feet. ” she said. “ Pressure ridges are closing ,” Sharon said. Stop in before you go out to hear what we can share with you.

***Minnow bucket Allen Camarillo 348-2440

Allen Camarillo tells us that fishermen are heading to Crooked Creek, Big Horn, Yellowtail and Tongue. He says some people are catching catfish on the Yellowstone near the Pompey Huntley area. It is also starting to pick up for ling. He has 3 to 4 inch shiners at the shop available for bait.

***Lake Elmo Billings

We have3 to 5 inches of ice and people have been out there fishing. Mostly on the South and North side of the lake. People are catching rainbows.


There are fish to be caught. They are catching ling at night using cut up minnows. Rumor has it someone caught their limit. Ice is 16 inches. Rainbow catching is hit and miss right now. People still need to monitor ice conditions to use vehicles on ice because of fluctuating temperatures.

***Deadmans and Martinsdale

Justin says,” Martinsdale has good ice.” People are having success catching rainbows 3 ½ to 4 pounds. They are catching them on something shiny and in deep depths. Ice is 14 to 16 inches deep. Deadmans is slow because of the ice conditions. I haven’t even seen tracks from fishermen when I have checked there so I assume it is slow going.

***Don’s Dave 1-800-879-8194

Lewistown East Fork Reservoir

Dave says, “The East fork Reservoir has 6 to 8 inches of ice. Fishermen are catching perch with Swedish pimples and tip ups.

Spring Creek is open year round for fishing.

Ackley Lake has ice fishing going on. It is fishing well for trout especially at night. They are using Berkley powerbait in orange and rainbow. They like using a short small rod and reel with #4 line.

Casino Creek reservoir is fishing well. There they are catching nice perch at 1 pound on decent ice.

Report By Carol Henckel

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