Fish are Rising!
By Scott Anderson

Posted: February 17, 2012

It is our job as outfitters and guides to do research, on the waters we offer services on. For the past month, I have been out on the Thompson River fishing about three days a week.  The waters are ever changing with different levels and hatches.

Wednesday, I saw a fish actually rise! I had to take a look around and make sure someone was not playing a trick on me. You know, throwing a small rock in the water or something like that. But none the less a fish rose and that made me very happy.

The fishing still remains slow on the Thompson River and the water temperature is cold. I would focus my attention to the Bitterroot River.  I will be on the Bitterroot River next week to test out the water.

In my mind, this is the best time to fish the Bitterroot.  The fish are hungry and the Skwala stone fly is on the move. I have heard of spotting of the elusive Skwala stone fly, but do not know if there is any truth to the stories. You know how fishermen and women like to tell there fishing stories.

Right now, The Montana Fishing Company is offering spring specials on the Bitterroot River for $375.00 for two anglers.

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